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What can cause heartburn and how to treat it

Что может вызвать изжогу и как ее лечитьDoctors recommend not to ignore heartburn, and find out what caused it, and find a method that would eliminate this disease.

Medical statistics show that heartburn can disturb approximately 60% of people with it regardless of their gender and age. In most cases, heartburn is a consequence of some diseases or disorders, but sometimes it also happens that it manifests itself in perfectly healthy people who just ate too much.

Why do I get heartburn?

Eating foods that irritate the gastric mucosa.

Regular overeating, especially at night.

Taking certain medicines.

Obesity or pregnancy.

Anxiety, stress, nervousness.

Increased acidity of the stomach and other diseases of this organ of the digestive system, including gastritis.

How to treat heartburn?

– go on a diet, reducing consumption or even exclude from the diet of spicy, fried, smoked, sweet foods;

– stop drinking coffee because it relaxes the lower stomach muscle and contributes to the appearance of heartburn;

– drink herbal teas with chamomile flowers, fennel or flax seed;

– eliminate from the diet alcoholic beverages and no Smoking;

– to reduce the portions of food two or three times, so as not to overload the stomach, but eat every 3-4 hours.

In any case, to ignore frequent heartburn is highly undesirable, because they may indicate serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. If heartburn bothers you every day – to postpone visit to the gastroenterologist is impossible.

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