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What are we shown? Parse the trailer for IT on the staff!

TA-dam! The trailer for “It” HAPPENED. And turned out to be cool so that some of the wording of memory have called it, quote:

the fucking trailer.

To discuss this video or not to discuss – this question is not even worth it. Of course, to discuss! Moreover, in March we did a detailed frame by frame analysis of the first roller.

By the way, certain resources called recent video of the THIRD trailer of the film, but this is not right. Officially – and in fact the way it is – this is the FIRST trailer. The previous videos were, respectively, a teaser and a small preview. Here we have the first official full trailer.

It shows more than the teaser (as expected). Judging by the description that we laid out before the audience in San Diego saw it live. Another thing is that there on Comiccon were the two fragments, including a fight of the Losers ‘ Club with the gang of Henry Bowers.

The trailer is definitely good and meets expectations – let’s hope the film itself will justify. In addition, in this trailer are the answers to some questions left from the audience after meeting with the teaser. And one more thing, not all, probably, seen.

All images are clickable. During parsing, we’ll sometimes insert comments to draw out some nuances to your attention.

To warm – cute ball Pennywise on the splash screen with logos.

It all starts with the peaceful landscape of the town of Derry and an excellent location make the guys from the Club Losers. Beverly jumps into the water from the rock, then they all bathe, and Bev pregledavate with bill.

The following frames seem to be a continuation of each other, but pay attention – in the first scene the guys are dressed differently. Most likely, the second and third frames from the final film. On this hint, and the plaster on the hand of one of the boys where in the word Loser (“loser”) the letter s is fixed at v (“the lover”, “loving”).

Behind the scenes one of the boys talks about the problems of children. We show a reminder of the curfew, announcement of the search for missing Patrick Hockstetter, and then Patrick and other friends of Henry Bowers in school, where they clearly annoyed the Losers. I especially like the facial expression of Patrick in this shot – still in the book, Hochstetter he was a monster, and something fancy in his “weird” smile.

Ben Hanscom flees, but falls into someone’s paws. Apparently in the clutches of Bowers and his buddies. In Derry the evil lives next to each, but the adults try to ignore. IT affects them – and we understand when watching this scene.

A scene that we already saw in the teaser trailer, but slightly extended. We show Pennywise longer and let you hear his voice. Note the silvery color of the eyes of a Clown.

Losers discuss Derry and gradually inclined to think that there is Something – IT – that dominates the town for centuries. In the first frame in the background, blurred background, we seem to see the statue of the tin man… and next to her red balloon.

This scene is also partly revealed in the teaser. But they displayed rather the end of the scene, here is her beginning. Bill sees the Ghost of the younger brother who lures him to IT in the basement.

Compare these two scenes. The first is taken from the teaser, the second trailer. In the teaser eyes Pennywise not reflected in the water. But in the trailer they had become colorful.

As it turns out, all the children faced Pennywisdom. Bev, it is obvious, especially “lucky”.

Bill Denbrough gets calls like adults, and to unite. In the material 7 of the theories generated by the trailer for “It” we drew attention to the fact that bill, who in the book by Stephen king was a stutterer, in the teaser stutters. If you listen to the voice of bill in the trailer, it becomes clear that he is still a stutterer.

Henry obviously thought of something terrible. Judging by the traces of blood on his forehead, it was after the Losers pelted him and his friends the stones at the Creek.

Pennywise in the trailer not so much, but much more than in the teaser. And it’s creepy!

As some residents of Derry, however.

Pennyways like looking at the Losers… where? From a huge refrigeration compartment?..

Quick change frames, the background to which the chorus sounds small Georgie yelling “you too will take.” Among other things we seem to see the hand of the Leper and Ben Hanscom in the web. And she flies.

Creepy-scary finale trailer. In this picture, the attentive eye will notice a nice reference to “It” of the sample in 1990.

This doll, like two drops of water similar to Pennywise performed by Tim Curry. Here is not so much noticeable, but in the future you will see that this is exactly the same Pennywise-1990.

Bill Skarsgard in the image Pennywise. Attack!

In a sense, in this shot from two Pennywise. As if one not enough for us!

No comments. That moment when under your chair, you receive the brick masonry.

Just a couple of fresh official shots as a bonus:

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