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What are the salons most modern Airliners. Photo

With time everything changes.

Modern technologies allow to reduce the size and number of the various components in the cabin, most of which are not visible to the passenger, and in the same physical space becomes more spacious.

Now a very ordinary flight on a modern airliner leads to the indescribable delight! Today I want to tell you about what you need to know to get on the flight the maximum. That is already available to us and what incredible innovations we expect in the near future.

More space, quieter cabin, better air quality, the new location of the bins that bigger 60% compared to the previous, and even the new interior of the toilets! Well, the main thing — mood light with a new lighting schemes! Tried many times, even a short flight in the cabin with interesting color schemes always is easier and more comfortable.

That is why it is so important not just to choose the flight in search engines and sites-aggregators, and always interested in what type of aircraft will perform a particular flight! But even here there is a catch, and some airlines, due to various reasons, do not use those or other technologies in the interior cabin of the aircraft, so attentive jet-setter always familiar with the nuances of the cabin configuration the airline. Something I’ll talk about this today.


2. You go on the plane and the first thing you think is “how spacious the cabin!”. And it’s not just the WOW effect, every detail depends on the comfort and impression of the flight, and hence loyalty to the airline.

Expectation and reality. This layout concept salon, which has the ability to create a spacious lounge, without a kitchen at the entrance and without the middle row of the bins.


3. And this realization of the idea in the cabin of the Airbus A350, where unusually huge space for aircraft a surprise to those who first boarded this ship.


4. The modern technologies have allowed to create such an interior, which was not in previous generations of wide-body passenger Airliners. But use this advantage not all airlines.

This Airbus A350 Qatar Airways:


5. And this Finnair Airbus A350, the salon is very nice, but the airline decided to divide the business class in two standard kitchen is spacious shared input group.


6. For comparison, a sample 787 Dreamliner cabin Boeing as A350, it also has the ability to create the same concept of the Board.


7. Optimization of space allows you to introduce interesting marketing pieces, for example, here’s a bar in business class on the A350:




The width of the chair. Consider a conventional single-aisle aircraft, the Airbus A320 or Boeing 737. Even here not all so is simple. The fact that Boeing standard width passenger seat is 17 inches, while the Airbus — 18! Why? And all because the width of the passenger compartment at Airbus more! From the A320 compared to Б737 — 3.95 m 3.76 m against It is that small detail that you can actually feel.

For example, the Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” scheme of seats in the 3-3-3 economy — the width of the seat is a standard 17 inches. The fuselage width is 5.75 m.


10. Expectation and reality. In the fierce competition Seating configuration may change, and added another chair in the row, thus narrowing the chair itself.

For example, in the default configuration, economy class Airbus A330, 8 seats (2-4-2), but the long-haul low-cost carriers in the same A330 has 9 seats in a 3-3-3 configuration (AirAsia X, WOW, Cebu Pacific).

The new Airbus A350-XWB (by the way, eXtra Wide Body 🙂 with the 3-3-3 layout — the seat width of 18 inches! The width of the fuselage 5.96 m.


11. At the same time, the possibility of the layout of the cabin 3-4-3, in this case, the width of the chair will be 16.7 inches. The photo below is a full — size mockup to visualize the possibilities of this arrangement.


12. In salon of economy class of the Boeing 777 layout is 3-3-3, and is a standard, which announced the Boeing, but the modern reality of business is that almost airlines order the 777 layout is 3-4-3 (Emirates, Aeroflot, etc.). The “classic” 3-3-3 has wider seats and considerably more convenient compared to the 3-4-3, especially in the event of sustained flight for more than 10-14 hours, not least because of this, a long flight is transferred much easier.
Compare 3-3-3 on the flight from Doha to Auckland. This same design on other ultra-long routes from Qatar Airways Boeing 777-200LR . So be careful when choosing a ticket, pay attention to the aircraft that performs the flight and the layout of the cabin on this aircraft type the airline.


13. And it is 3-4-3 on the Boeing 777-300ER, the same Qatar Airways.


14. On short-haul routes on narrow-body Board almost all airlines are now equipped with the ultrathin seats, which have lower weight and reduce take-off weight of the aircraft and increase the number next to the cabin, while maintaining an acceptable spacing between the rows. They often do not recline, and sit in them not so gently as before.

The most successful slim seats, I think Recaro seats on the A320/321 all airlines within the Lufthansa Group (Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Swiss). The backrest leans back to sit comfortably.


15. This is what sets the mood, puts you to sleep or wakes up for Breakfast. In the cabin of the Airbus A350 uses a LED-backlit with seamlessly interchangeable colors and shades, allowing you to create dozens of different scenarios. From “disco” to the wee delicate tones.

This is a demonstration of the possibilities:

[Message from Bigfoot]





18. This is an opportunity to implement exciting marketing items. For example, the most interesting lighting scenario on Board the Airbus A350 from Finnair is the “Northern lights”. Green and purple flashes floating on dark blue background. Photo does not convey feelings, but it is absolutely unreal! The script of the Northern lights accompanied by a tourist promotional video about Finland on the system screens on-Board entertainment before landing in Helsinki.

And this Boeing 787 Dreamliner Qatar Airways. Here is a very simple example of how to use backlighting to create a completely different time during boarding at different times of the day.


19. The air in the cabin of the Airbus A350 is fully updated every 2 minutes, the cabin several independent zones of air conditioning, and humidity and pressure corresponds to the stay at a height of 1.5 km, Which is 20-30% higher than in the cabin of a previous generation. Long flight on the Airbus A350 tolerated more comfortable. Similar technology and numbers and the Boeing-787 Dreamliner.


And this technology is very near future. Next year the new Airbus A330neo will be delivered to the first customer with an updated interior concept, which is called “Airspace by Airbus”. Have never had the feeling that climbing on the plane you find yourself in a space ship!

This is a 3D render:




22. And not only onboard the A330 shirokopolosnogo, but aboard the A320neo! This new Airbus just announced in June 2017 at the Le Bourget air show!

“Airspace Bin” Luggage racks larger (60%!) and can withstand more weight
an additional inch of width on the shoulder of the passenger sitting by the window.
the new lighting scheme is now on the A320.
automated (mechanical shutter of the window).
well, the entrance to the salon is supposed to surprise (both on the A330 and A350).

Really looking forward to the first real Board with that interior.








26. And it is almost a reality! The layout of the interior Airspace by Airbus mockup center in Toulouse:










31. Even the bathroom is fully updated!


32. And all this is not just a picture online, it’s almost a reality of our flights in the near future. Distance will no longer matter!

After all, the cabin is light, spacious, the climate is almost the same as on earth and… Almost as well as in our car!


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