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What about a person can tell his posture while sleeping

Что о человеке может рассказать его поза во время снаOn approval of Scottish researchers, the situation of the people in the dream allows you to define how the couple happily married.

A social survey was conducted during the international science festival in Edinburgh.

Experts have found that those who prefer to sleep near (no farther than 7 cm) are fortunate that relationship is completely satisfied.

It turned out that among the respondents, 86% sleeping close to each other were happy with their partner and are generally satisfied with the relationship.

Another discovery by researchers was that most couples prefer to sleep back to back. Among respondents was almost 72%. But face-to-face sleep only 4 % of couples.

On different halves of the bed prefer to sleep or those couples who married was in disarray, or people who are in relationships about 7-10 years.

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