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Whales use jumping out of the water for communication, scientists

Киты используют прыжки из воды для коммуникации, - ученыеScientists have learned an interesting fact about whales.

Scientists said that jumping over the water and the noise that accompanies them, are part of the social behavior of whales-Humpbacks and used groups to communicate with each other.

The researchers ‘ findings were published in the journal Marine Mammal Science.

In the study, researchers analyzed the behavior of the 94 groups of humpback whales, conducting acoustic monitoring and tracking data about their surrounding environment. It turned out that the whales actively jump out of the water just in case, if within four miles away is another group of humpback whales. If within the territory of the other whales are not observed, then such activity drops sharply.

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According to researchers, this indicates that the jumps and the sounds that accompany them, are instruments of communication between the groups and within the group of whales.

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