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The cryptocurrency exchange moves to a new domain

The leading mass media and thematic forums continue to discuss the scandalous situation associated with the well-known Russian cryptocurrency exchange The unpleasant and complicated story began about one month and a half ago, when the work of the exchange was actually paralyzed. The withdrawal of some cryptocurrencies was blocked under the pretext of technical works and has not been effective until now.

The quotation of available currencies decreased 4 times compared to the market average, giving depositors an unpleasant opportunity to withdraw assets with a loss of 75% of the deposit. In the absence of any comments on the part of the WEX administration, the crypto community started to spread rumors and various ideas about what is happening. Among them were mentioned the conflict between the heads of the exchange, claims on the part of law enforcement officers, re-registration of the management company, as well as raider attack on the cryptocurrency platform. Only in recent days there was information shedding light on the current situation around the stock exchange and its future.

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A source close to the WEX’s inner circle, that wished to remain anonymous, provided information about the restart of the platform, which will happen in the near future. The reason for this was a certain transaction, as a result of which the domain, owned by co-founder and nominal director of the exchange Dmitry Vasiliev, as well as the exchange’s servers, will be transferred to new owners. The main news is that all the funds of the WEX depositors, in the form of cryptocurrency and fiat money, remain with the former management. According to available information, Dmitry Vasilyev launches a platform on the domain WEX.AC. The presence of WEX abbreviation in the structure of the domain name directly indicates that the new exchange will become the successor of the old cryptocurrency project. Only time will tell how effective it will be to fulfill its mission, but in any case, the investors of will have a real chance to get their money back.

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Since the exchange management will transfer the main assets of the cryptocurrency platform, we can assume with a high probability that the website will be closed. For objective reasons, there is a strong possibility that its owners will not return deposits to people. Speaking about the prospects for the project, they are very prosperous. Working under a new name with a management that promised to restore its former reputation, the exchange is likely to be able to restore not only trust of the crypto community, but also the funds of investors.

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