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Werewolves in Russian cinema

First a werewolf, oddly enough, did not appear in Russian cinema, and in Lithuania, the mystical and the erotic Thriller “the Spider” 1991.. Demonic artist, pursuing a young Lithuanian girl — his student – turns into a scary spider and sophisticated in this form solicits her. Oddly enough, the scene with the spider, given the situation in the movie at the time, the more peripheral, turned out to be pretty good at visual imagery.

The topic of werewolves in the Russian horror movie is almost not affected. The first film on this subject — “full Moon” 1993. In the holiday village elite is a series of murders, all the victims as if torn apart by wild beast. Huntsman (actor Igor Livanov) conducts an investigation and eventually goes on the trail of the man who wears the skin of a wolf! Apparently, in these extremely bad years for cinema in the era of the collapse of everything, to shoot a full werewolf in all its glory was not possible. The film is still a kind of special atmosphere that does not put him in the category of the very very base of thrash metal, a lot of parasites in the new Russian cinema.

You can, of course, to say that the monster of ironic Thriller “lyumi” (1991) would also like a werewolf, but not quite. In this wonderful film, filled with a fine irony, in General also plays with the motif of the tale by Charles Perrault “little Red riding hood” and working here is not quite a werewolf, and the wolf, supposedly a man of dress.

Unfortunately nothing can be said about the film “the hour of the werewolf” (1990), because all attempts of the author to find him and see not resulted in success. In the early nineties, the film was heavily promoted and, according to the staff, entrenched in memory, the visuals in the movie for that time was pretty good. Journalist for a Metropolitan newspaper, bitten by a dog, transformirovalsya at night in a huge black wolfhound and terrorizing the population of a small town.

The next film, which also almost no one knows, “the Attraction or Wolf lake” (2002), directed by Vasily Serikov. The action develops in the Russian province in the mid nineteenth century, where there is a series of brutal murders that have come to investigate the Metropolitan inspector, but the results of his investigation lead to a very different truth than he had expected. The roots of the crime lead the inspector into his own past, where even as children, they have committed a violent act, left a comrade to the wolves, the same bitten by a wolf, eventually became a werewolf and began to retaliate.

For its special atmosphere and rather weak special effects, which here however the minimum, the film is markedly different from their Western counterparts on the same subject. First, strikes in our horror movies that Directors stubbornly refuse to drop the idea, and it literally shines through in the faces and dialogue of the actors clearly read what it can do. Smart horror – another term here will not pick up. The theme of redemption, of revenge, of evil, of returning like a boomerang, comes through here literally everything, and the horror theme escalates and highlights exactly those truths that I wanted to convey the authors. The atmosphere this film closer to horror experiments of the nineties and the Soviet film school than to the new Russian horror movies, started a report with “Night watch” and bet over to the cashier.

Following the TV series “full Moon” (2004) — is both a remake of “full moon” in 1993 and delivered the same Director. Apparently, realizing that in ten years the quality of special effects has made significant progress, the Director takes almost the same story with new actors and one hundred percent werewolf, not a disguised person. And the werewolf in the film is really made on conscience, but the only negative — the man was bitten by wolves and monster more the impression of an alien predator than the wolf, it slightly reduces the degree of trust. And yet at the moment it’s the best film on the subject of werewolves, filmed in our country.

The topic of werewolves casually slipped in “Night watch” Timur Bekmambetov; remember jump obrotnice the Files in the witch’s house? There are werewolves in the mystical television series “Kill the snake” (2007), “Office mysterious world” (2007), “Otherwise” (2007), “beyond the wolves” (2002). And finally, the recent television series “the Moon” (2015), held on the channel STS; guys, it’s a shame, nothing else! For thirty series, the werewolves are presented only yellow eyes with vertical pupils! The process of transformation, we have not shown even once, the main horror story — the father of all werewolves, which they say all twenty-nine episodes, the last appears only pity traced shadow! The werewolves showed up in the recent science fiction Thriller “nightwatch”. But there is hope that this topic will reveal talented young Directors in our film.

Werewolves in films filmography:

Spider 1991 (Lithuania)

Lyumi 1991

Full moon 1993

The hour of the werewolf 1993

Gravity or wolf lake 2002

Night watch 2004

Beyond the wolves 2002

Full moon 2004

Office mysterious world 2007

To kill the serpent 2007

Other 2007

I am waiting for you 2009

Masakra 2010 (Belarus)

Rogue COP (Ukraine)

Moon 2014

Night guard 2016

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