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“Went to scout out the bottom of the sea”: in a network having a laugh at the wreck of the Russian Federation

"Пошел разведывать морское дно": в сети хохочут на крушением корабля РФThe social network laugh cause of the crash “scout” Putin on the Bosphorus.

Average intelligence ship black sea fleet “Liman” sank Syrian cattle.

About this on his page on the social network Facebook said the chief editor of BlackSeaNews Andrey Klimenko.

“The Syrian cattle YOUZARSIF H (IMO: 7611547) from the city of Tartus under the flag of That swift attack, rammed and sank in the Black sea at the entrance to the Bosphorus average intelligence ship black sea fleet “estuary”. 40 kilometers North-West of the Bosphorus at 11:53 Moscow time. It’s kind of a mockery. Russian, of course, have not said that “heroically drowned”, but the Turks have already expressed condolences Dimon. Okay, what cattle was without cows, which he had to deliver from the Libyan Tripoli to the Romanian port of Midia… Rusosmi, of course, distorted all the names (as always) and kept silent about the cattle. As a military ship, scout, equipped with a full meat tracking equipment, just a shame that die… the Ship was part 519-th separate reconnaissance battalion of the black sea Fleet, based at South Bay (Sevastopol). Addition: type of ship – Livestock Carrier, transport livestock,” wrote he. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Social network users were delighted from such causes of the sinking of the Russian ship and said that he really is a “shkotovskoe”.

“Intelligence ship black sea fleet”Lyman” went to storm the Reichstag, but was holed below the waterline in a collision with the vessel “Ashot-7″”, “”Reconnaissance ship Liman floats, and tracking down the bottom” – Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation”, “Liman on behalf of the Kremlin produces catching of mollusks Angels”, “the tasks of the intelligence ship Liman included the measurement of the curvature of the earth in Syria”, “a warship of the black sea fleet collided with the vessel “Ashot-7″. The warship sank. NATO does not need us floating stalls will win”.

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