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Well-known Ukrainian artist predicted the imminent collapse of Russia

Известный украинский артист предсказал скорый крах РоссииAntin mukharsky called the timing of the collapse of Russia.

Ukrainian artist Antin mukharsky thinks that signs of disintegration of the Russian Federation are already visible, and the next time will come the process of its destruction.

According to the actor, the next year it will be possible to observe the irreversible processes of decay of the neighboring country. The first signs of the upcoming collapse were already visible.

“It’s like when the infection goes in the body and some skin rashes indicate that shortly breaks out in a serious crisis with the temperature, and in this case, I prophesy the death of the patient,” says mukharsky.

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The artist notes that Russia will try “to drag to the grave with him as many normal people.” In his opinion, to do this, it will try to infect Ukraine through Donbass.

To avoid this, mukharsky offers to take radical methods against residents of the occupied territories. According to him, they should be given six months to leave the territory they control, and from remaining there to block the view.

“But on the occupied Donbas it is impossible to be a centrist because it is a body that has rotted and now infects the entire body. Therefore, it is necessary to do, as after Chernobyl – fenced a piece of land, because everyone understands – there is the infection! And this is also the plague!”, – he considers.

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