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Well-known Ukrainian artist besieged by the Russians-“the defenders”

Известный украинский артист осадил россиян-"защитников"Russian people’s artist of Ukraine drove in a stupor of Russians.

People’s artist of Ukraine, actor and poet Boris Barsky remembered how drove into a stupor citizen of the Russian Federation, saying that Ukraine is Russian-speaking is not prejudice.

According to Barsky, when he was in Sochi, approached the Russians and said, “don’t worry – we’ll protect you. We will stand you in Russian, we care about you”. In response, the actor asked from whom he must be protected.

“I said, “Now tell me who you want me to protect? I have published seven books in the Russian language. I play in the theater where it played five of my plays. They are also in Russian. Ukraine has awarded me the high title of people’s artist, despite the fact that I play in Russian. I even more can infringe?” – remembered actor.

So the answer lordly drove in a stupor, his interlocutors and the Russian Federation.

“I said, “More watch TV then. Or listen to me, a person who is there (in Ukraine – Approx. ed) lives”… So you saw a full house at the show, and normally people take. We have questionnaires that people fill after the performance. Someone does it in Ukrainian, someone in Russian. But we’re well aware of each other,” said Barsky.

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