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Well-known Russian journalist severely “walked” on the Russian army

Известный российский журналист жестко "прошелся" по армии РФA dramatic statement appeared on the website of the journalist in the social network.

Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, who now lives outside of Russia, spoke about the horrific fall of morality among the Russian military and the transformation of the army from symbol of protection the symbol of a treacherous war.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

“Our naval fleets and landing troops of the symbols of protection turned into a symbol of the mongrel, the most foul, the most treacherous of the war. Our handsome battleships and chiseled fighters after Ukraine and Syria do not cause anything more than disgust. Our tanks are associated only with the destruction of the cities in the once closest country. Our blue and blue berets are the only bastard of the treachery of the enemy surrounded in Ilovaysk, when the promised output and shot believe “the word of the officer” column,” – said the journalist.

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“No more separate politics from the army. No more elite troops. No more pride. There is no longer any armed forces which, in a hypothetical future of Russia, when we come to power, will serve to good and justice,” wrote Babchenko.

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