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Well-known Russian journalist severely “walked” on his compatriots. Video

Известный российский журналист жестко "прошелся" по соотечественникам. ВидеоA Russian journalist called compatriots midgets with delusions of grandeur.

The famous Russian blogger Alexander Centurion was published in YouTube a video version of his article “the great Country of lilliput.”

“It is foolish to require the dwarf to jump to a height of two meters. But what if the dwarf thinks himself great and terrible? Why is he not capable of an impressive jump, but only threatened Yes swears the whole world? “- asks the author.

According to his “naturalistic” observation, “average individuals” especially “prominent midgets” live whole dynasties without leaving on earth no memory. And the hills from their graves with the passage of time erased. And then the race is interrupted, for any infertility – mental or physical – sooner or later leads to degeneration. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Your message the Centurion confirms the images of modern Russian midgets, but video with participation of Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, crouchy history including because of their own insignificance.

According to the author of the article, are the runt and the majority of citizens of his country, discovered his “complete inability to act in response to the challenges of the new reality.”

From these, the author believes that in the future there will be only a reference in the historical information, and then – casually, “so, they say, and so were the midgets with delusions of giants ruled by even smaller, but very greedy of liliputik, and once they are gone, because they were so cowardly Yes patient that the story itself has ceased to tolerate them…”

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