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Well-known Russian journalist and outspoken about Putin’s future

Известный российский журналист откровенно высказался о будущем ПутинаThe centurion said that soon awaits Putin.

After having ousted from the post of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the whole “criminal menagerie” will be scattered to avoid court in the Hague. On the very same Putin massacred.

This opinion was expressed by journalist Sasha Sotnik.

“Without a kick in the head gas station will instantly become worthless, shiny pipes of war will fall off, and blow into these pipes, no one will. And yesterday, fans of “Lubyanka genius” will shrug their shoulders and go pinch pot under the new bleating about how their poor, again, cheated and robbed” – he said. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In the words of the Centurion, ravaged from within the Empire is likely to dismember.

“And, naturally, using the streamlined model: using the same “local kings” that has longed to be at the time of independence in the days of the collapse of the Soviet Union. This does not mean that the jungle will always be the predators. Simply, they will become even shorter, and their jaws not covet all of humanity – to such an extent that the latter, like Samson, will have to tear the edification of the rest”, – the journalist writes.

According to him, “remove Volodya” – the main problem of the current “elite”.

The centurion said that Putin’s henchmen finally reformatted the country in a gas station, lonely and proudly standing in the middle of the desert.

“The head of this enterprise, in principle, irremovable, because only he knows why it was built and how they can be managed. If you remove the head – the scheme will stop working. Stand pumps, dry pipe, will rust the gears. Nor to steal, nor to roll back and nothing else at the gas station had never worked. Is that – war. It is needed by definition, because weapons inherited we have so many that warehouses are torn: whether from excess or from deficiency”, – says the Centurion.

No one wants to be responsible for the failures of Putin.

“The world political Bureau” recognizes the Kremlin’s “helmsman” worthless dinosaur and will order him to be entered in the “red book of dictators”, then you will begin to develop strategies for the extermination of his species… But as the twenty-first century bizarre bloodlust looks archaic, animal, probably, helpful to sleep, lest he burn out his fire-breathing mouth surrounding the civilized landscape. Then will skin, prepare and put up in the form of a skeleton or stuffed in the historical Museum on public display. Near the effigies of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Hussein, Ceausescu and Gaddafi” – said the Centurion.

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