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Well-known medication is considered a threat to the body

Известное лекарство признано опасным для организма A new study finds the unpleasant consequences of the use of “Diclofenac”.

Researchers from Denmark have established a close relationship between the use of the drug “Diclofenac” and the development of pathologies of the cardiovascular system, dramatically increases the risk of death.

In particular, the scientists were able to ascertain that the admission of diclofenac increases the likelihood of deadly diseases by 50%. That this is so, they were convinced, after analyzing the medical data on the health of 6.3 million people aged 46 to 49 years.

It was found that people taking diclofenac, has a much higher likelihood of development of arrhythmia, ischemic stroke, heart failure and heart attack. The scientists compared the condition of patients using diclofenac exactly with the performance of the body of people who consumed other painkillers (ibuprofen or paracetamol). It turned out that taking dicofenac suffered from heart disease more often.

Separately, the authors said, symptoms of dangerous complications from the use of diclofenac is manifest already in the month period of its use.

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