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Well-known journalist was postural drunken conductor “uz”

Известный журналист постебал пьяного проводника "Укрзализныци"Publicist complained about the quality of services in the Ukrainian cars.

Conductor of “Ukrzaliznytsya” was at the workplace while intoxicated.

About this he wrote in his Facebook journalist Vladimir Tymofiychuk, having published the corresponding video.

“The trip Ukrainian railway “perfect” everything! When you finally get lucky “to pull a lottery ticket” and get into a comfortable car, it is likely that the conductor will be “under the weather”, – the journalist noted.

According to him, is not the only “minus” travel with “ME”.

“If there luck is on your side (as, in practice, unlikely), then definitely in the compartment you find a neighbors with smelly socks. They will eat boiled eggs and sipping tea, while Chamcha and slurping on the whole car. And from the vestibule to enter the plume of smoke, or even “better” – the smell of urine out of the toilet,” says Tymofiychuk.

“Well, at midnight, topping it all off is a magical act, you will concert with the participation of some wind instruments. Mainly trombones. However, one plus is still there! Under such conditions, it would be difficult to oversleep my stop”, he added.

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