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Well-known journalist said, why is it so bad performed on “dancing with the stars”

Известный журналист рассказал, почему так плохо выступил на "Танцах со звездами"The participant admitted that he danced “like a log”.

Well-known journalist, presenter of the program “the World inside out”, Dmitry Komarov, who took the last place in the standings of the first edition of the show “dancing with the stars” said that he began to dance just two weeks ago.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

“Timber, woodsman, robot, bear, Pinocchio, chump, bear, elephant etc – I quote from the softest of judgmental-critical review of a dance. I’m not offended. At all. I soberly evaluate yourself and knew in advance what was going on,” said Komarov.

According to him, the first dance lesson was only 2 weeks ago, and it is too small term to the newcomer appeared technique.

“Unlike many of my colleagues on the show, I don’t have to dance at work, to give concerts and appear in videos. I started from scratch at 34 years old, in the rapid pace, hardly taking a few hours a day from the main job of a journalist. There are no miracles. Magic tablets also. It is impossible for a week to become a bodybuilder or a swimmer,” added the leader.

He stressed that in two weeks nobody will be able to become a dancer.

“It’s a show. And I came to him specifically to show how “incompetent-detenzor” taking the first steps and changes. Falls, fills bruises, but goes further. Transformirovalsya. This is the meaning of the show. If I was a Pro in dancing – it would be interesting to watch. I’m not afraid of experiments. And most importantly – not afraid to laugh at yourself,” said the journalist.

“And I’ll be happy if after watching “Dancing with the stars” to “clumsy Komarov” some kid asked my parents to enroll him in dance school, and some adult take and record myself. I want for example to show: not to be able to learn and not ashamed, and afraid of negative comments is not necessary. It is important to go forward using “can’t”, “can not” and others “no”. Not to abandon the chosen way, even if the road Pit”, – said the presenter.

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