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Well-known entrepreneur has decided to create a high-tech toilet

Известный предприниматель решил создать высокотехнологичный унитазBill gates has invested millions in a new toilet.

One of the richest and influential people in the world bill gates introduced the world its new development as a unique toilet.

On this invention, he worked for about seven years. To date, bill gates has invested in the development of the toilet of the future about two hundred million dollars. The functionality of the invention he presented during the innovation forum, which was held in China. Gates said that made him the toilet does not require connection of sewer and water. The results of human activity will be processed in it yourself. In addition, everything that will go into the gutter, at the exit turn into clean water and fertilizer.

Bill gates said that soon its multifunctional child will be released to the masses and is quite affordable for everyone. The cost per unit of this invention will be not more than five hundred dollars. Also the toilet of the future will bring huge benefits to mankind. In particular, we will fix the problem of water contamination Escherichia coli.

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