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Welcome to Willits with new frames!

The case when whether skis do not go, whether… Or, whether the aliens attacked, or someone got to stop it with drugs. It was such feelings arise after reviewing the trailers of the film “Welcome to Willits” (Welcome to Willits). It is called sci-Fi horror, but all NF here could waft marijuana or something heavier. But about horror, no questions.

A quiet, peaceful life of the small town of Willits is broken unprecedented for this event: suddenly went into the forest dwellers lost in it. At first no one was concerned about their disappearance, have sinned that they could just get lost in the woods. However, the passage of time did not return they began to look, but found only the bloody remains. What or who could do this to people?

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The description seems to be quite serious, but we promise the trash and waste with the aliens, drug addicts, crazy farmers and not particularly clever vacationers. Well, the forest of horror where without her.

The film starred bill sage (“American psycho”), Anastasia Baranova (the series “Z Nation”), Rory Culkin (“Scream 4”), Thomas Dekker (a remake of “a Nightmare on elm street”), Dolph Lundgren (“the Expendables”) and other comrades. Started all this mess brothers , the RyansTim wrote the script, and Trevor took a movie, and initially the couple was limited to a short film. But as you know, the appetite comes while eating, and when working with similar stories all the more to break for grub.

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The network Zone Horror got a pack of the movie and I think there gradola starred in Alien. Or its close relative. In short, it is expected strong and bloody fun.

Already on September 22 movies coming out in limited release at home and starting to conquer the VOD platform. If anything, keep in mind.

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