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Welcome to the jungle Johnson

Jumanji now game for old consoles like “Dandy” and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson – avatar school wonks. Probably, this is possible and to finish the description of the movie “Jumanji: a jungle” (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) – either restart, or a sequel of the good old family adventure horror game “Jumanji” in 1995, which, if you remember, starring Robin Williams and then still very young Kirsten dunst.

That old movie in the hands of a couple of kids got an ancient magical Board game “Jumanji”, which in our world were animals of the wild jungle and – thence Robinson (Williams).

In the new version of the blunt four teenagers moved in the game world, taking the form of actors Johnson, Jack black and others.

This time full of dangers and adventures the world of Jumanji are four teenagers. They will fight with a rhinoceros, black Mambo, and every step will be watched by an endless series of traps and puzzles. To complete the game and stay alive, they will have to transform into game characters: the timid and shy Spencer is transformed into a brave and strong researcher, big Fridge — to geek-Shorty, fashionista and beauty Bethany — to the Professor, as clumsy and awkward Mar is a fearless and nimble Amazon. Friends have to get used to this completely new and unusual roles and to find their way home.

Looks, frankly, not very – at least for those who remember and love the first film. For the rest – good adventure movie with humor and special effects.

And how do you like the new “Jumanji”?

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