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“Wedding fever” in Odessa: more than fifty students, married, retired

"Свадебная лихорадка" в Одессе: более полусотни студентов женились на пенсионерках The SMS revealed the reasons wedding boom between students and older women.

In the Odessa region more than 60 Iraqi students of the Odessa national medical Institute contracted marriages with local pensioners in one month. This was stated by the head of the State migration service in Odessa region Elena Pogrebnyak.

Elena Pogrebnyak explained that all of these marriages –a sham. “As you know, the marriages in question, was fictitious. According to migration officials, the wedding with Ukrainian allows you to get the residence permit after two years of permanent residence, and after three — citizenship.

The fact that many residents of the Middle East and worked in UAE, in Saudi Arabia, but because of the war for a number of countries, restrictions were imposed.

“Ukrainian” is simply there to get. However, getting a residence permit, they transport us to all their relatives, and then ride it,” said Pogrebnyak.

“Wedding fever” in Odessa was raging for about two months. In order to expedite the process of registration of marriage, the Iraqi men even brought information about the pregnancy of the bride, despite the fact that some of them were more than 60 years.

As explained in the GMS, to prosecute for such actions is impossible, since the laws of Ukraine, the concept of “sham marriage” is not defined. And that grooms pay for brides for marriage – there is no crime.

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