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We were lied to for 70 years? What was Lenin?

Нам врали 70 лет? Кем на самом деле был Ленин?

Passed someone revered, someone almost forgotten, the former main holiday of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – the anniversary of the great October Socialist revolution. At this time one hundred and first. But, nevertheless, I think that then actually happened, Russian society, and through more than a hundred years, are still undecided.

Нам врали 70 лет? Кем на самом деле был Ленин?

In the USSR this subject was simple and clear. All those who received a Soviet education, it remember. Lenin – great and selfless genius of the revolution, who nurtured thoughts about the liberation of the peoples of Russia from the shackles of autocracy, almost from childhood, when I was a little schoolboy Volodya Ulyanov, and then dedicated the rest of his life, the result of which led him and the masses. And she, happened in 1917, the revolution is the greatest event of the twentieth century that changed the course of history and gave mankind a new path of development. Here about something like that, in my opinion, it looked like back then in history books and in our heads. It was this axiom, requiring no proof and admits of no doubt. And we, the Octobrists, pioneers and Komsomol, in this case, in fact, does not doubt. And personally I and the majority of those former Soviet children, with whom I talked about it, the October revolution of 1917 as something automatically associated with the overthrow of the autocracy. Yes, shot, “Aurora”, and then was repeatedly everywhere praised the storming of the Winter Palace, the seat of a kind of “Interim government” and so on… But all of this has somehow been blurry. Remember that the February “bourgeois” revolution, we passed something casual, as it seems nothing really in the country and have not changed, so it’s still bad. But then came Lenin, the Bolshevik party and the crowd of revolutionary-minded sailors, soldiers, workers and peasants, who had done the most important and great. Changed the course of history.

Yeah, it was kind of like there’s still some of the First World war, but also wrong – “imperialist”. And if the war was “imperialist”, and the revolution in February “bourgeois”, and there is nothing to say about them, they were people one injury. As far as I remember such events as the Decembrist revolt or mutiny on the black sea fleet battleship “Prince Potemkin-Tauride”, each individually been in the school history curriculum devoted more time and attention than the February revolution and the First World war put together. But Lenin with his associates promised the people peace, land to the peasants and factory workers, besides the complete expropriation of the expropriators, then what, like, happened to the delight of all. Well, that is, though not quite all and not at once – some former expropriators, the reactionaries and the king’s henchmen, of course, with the aid of the foreign capitalist invaders, some time resisted, as it could not accept the fact that ordinary people in Russia suddenly became so good. It was a Civil war. We in Soviet schools was also held in enough detail, just in greater volume than First World “imperialist”. But all over again, well, that is the complete defeat of the “White” appearance of the Soviet Union, the GOELRO plan, industrialization and welfare of the workers and peasants. Of course, these facts were confirmed by archival materials, many serious scientific works and researches, documentaries and so on and so forth. Not to mention literature and cinema, which we were all brought up.

It was all an unwavering mantra for seventy years. We have grown, sincerely believed it, proud of it. The revolutionaries were heroes. And the Great Lenin was for us something so great that nothing greater could not be, not ever, and prove that the mausoleum on red square in Central Moscow and an endless stream of people standing in line just to look at HIM, the great leader of the greatest revolution in the world.

Then began Gorbachev’s “perestroika”. With her to people suddenly came and “transparency” granted it seems like all and everywhere. Somewhere in the archives someone found some new, previously either lost, or classified materials, and they began to openly and freely publish. And then suddenly it turned out that all it is was not exactly as we were told all the seventy years prior to that… Well, that is, both Lenin and the Great Revolution – it’s all right, but the king, it turns out, was not really such a villain and oppressor of the people, and even something useful to do. But then his whole family was taken and killed some particularly dispersed the revolutionaries. Probably revenge for all the horror that they brought the autocracy. But killed the Royal family, including small children and even some of the servants, for some reason, when the king is already king and it was not. And killed without trial, secretly, and so brutally that the king is resolved to write to the martyrs and canonized saints. Oh, by the way, this is all because the Church, which is also considered to be reactionary and anti-revolution, too, has more or less “rebuilt” again came into contact with the people and the power was with them all in harmony to coexist. It was also found that among “whites” there were some quite decent people, even had undeniable merit. It also became known that in the First World, it turns out that Russia participated very actively, were killed on different fronts, a lot of our people were real heroes and great generals, and had it not been of the revolution (namely, the second that October), then Russia would likely one of the winners of this great, as it was then called, the war, and would be entitled to huge reparations from the Germans, and would not have lost a lot of territories had then, in the next war, again the blood and sweat of our people back to win. Yes, and it would then do some kind of “next” war.

Then collapsed our ideology is based on the greatest revolution of the twentieth century, and with it the biggest and strongest state in the world called the Soviet Union. It turned out that the path we walked was not quite right. That is, he was in General good, was just not where everyone is needed. We were actively friends with the West. It turned out that being there, in the West, emigration itself is also quite normal people, and even the patriots, already liberated from the yoke of communism, the homeland, and not traitors, whom almost to a man they all previously thought. From them and also from our new Western friends and, of course, from Novo whether found whether again declassified archival data to the public again and again opened the terrible facts about the revolution, about the Civil war, and so on… it Turns out there was repression, have shed much innocent blood, and what is promised, that is, land to the peasants and factory workers, anybody and has not given. Moreover, selected more often do the latter, the famine began, were dead a lot of people. The Communist elite at the same time been quietly stolen and sold abroad gold reserves of the country, the king’s treasures and precious objects of art that were in Russian collections and Museum collections. The economy completely collapsed. The white army, with the help of Western allies, tried valiantly and heroically to resist all this, but it was impossible, when the Communists were just “drown them in blood” its own people. The civil war ended so badly. The country for many years was left to the mercy of the Communist “red terror”. And Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin, though, and were irrefutably successful leader of the masses, but as it turned out, was largely not very adequate person, say, a syphilitic, in the final stage of his life was strongly influenced by his brain activity. And although he personally genuinely and selflessly want their actions to improve the situation of their native country and their own people, some of the steps and decisions still was not correct, resulting in many committed in the course of the revolution and the subsequent creation of a new political system, errors. All this, of course, was devoted to documentaries, scientific papers, based on irrefutable historical data, numerous publications in the press and, of course, plenty of new fiction, movies, TV shows and so on.

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And now, in 2018 I, a former citizen of the former USSR, after all that above, read the new press and look at the main Federal channels of Russian state television’s newest documentary, based on already exposed in open access (that is, again, declassified) archival materials, both ours and from the West, and again never ceases to amaze this “new window of truth”. The theme is the same – the First World war, Lenin and the Russian revolution. And what do I see? If, again, a very abbreviated and simplistic, I see the following picture:

A hundred years ago, as the actual now, in the collapse of the Russian Empire were primarily interested our sworn German-Anglo-Saxon “partners”. In Germany at that time, the main reason was the desire to alleviate their difficult situation on two fronts that any way to withdraw Russia from the First World war, where she acted as the most powerful players at the same time in Alliance with Britain, France and the USA. And then the “allies” of Russia, represented primarily by the British and Americans, the main goal was to liquidate as Russia, so, in fact, Germany as potential opponents in the “division of the global pie” in the future. And it does not matter by what means – whether to give them as much as each other mutually to destroy on the battlefield, or to corrupt and incompetent to make the structures of power from within those countries, supporting all sorts of anti-state and anti-government movements. Than all, in fact, engaged. And, apparently, quite successfully. Ulyanov-Lenin and company, in contrast to all previously said and written, not was some besserebrennikov, wholly given to the cause of revolution and liberation of the peoples of Russia from the yoke of autocracy. They went abroad and lived in Grand style, lead an idle and immoral life, while constantly being in search of funds for this. Did not hesitate or frankly “dirty” criminal money from Bank robberies or financial fraud, nor the sponsorship of the intelligence services of the States that were in open enmity to Russia. The ultimate goal of these people seems like it was the overthrow of the regime, but not entirely disinterested, and just for the sake of national prosperity, namely, the coming to power them and in any way differently.

That is why, when the Russian monarchy finally fell, the result of the last February revolution, which was then called “bourgeois,” these citizens did not weaken his “revolutionary” activity, for example, to wait for development and the new political situation will bring to the Russian people, but just the opposite. They realized that as a result of beginning in a state of chaos and weakening of the structures of power they may find it easier to implement their own plans. Moreover whatever cost. As well as after the overthrow of the autocracy in the February events of 1917 Russia, with a new more or less democratic government, it is still not going to get out of the war, at this point, Lenin was “very out of the way” with Germany. The Communists-Bolsheviks under his leadership has concluded an agreement with the Germans. For the money. Against Russia – their Motherland. At the time, as she from that Germany fought. This agreement was concluded on very specific conditions, which, apparently, comrade Ulyanov -Lenin then to the thing worked – and the country’s withdrawal from the war, on the disgraceful conditions, and the transfer of vast territories, and so on. And the Germans him for it in advance gave money and weapons to the revolution, and also helped to smuggle himself with associates and all you need for this revolution in the Russian Empire through a neutral state. But here Lenin proved himself a good organizer – he is secure and, in case something unexpected with the Germans, through another ardent fighter for the idea, comrade Trotsky, has secured more funding and backing from the United States. And these are the most money in our country on 25 October 1917 (old style) and justice of the world proletariat. That is, the workers and peasants and progressive intellectuals, all of whom, as it turned out, “fighters for the people’s benefit – Bolsheviks” led by Lenin immediately and did not perform any of his pre-revolutionary promises… something Like this…

And all that is above stated, of course, and television and from the press, and the like teaches us serious historians, policymakers, prominent journalists and artists, and other respectable people, sometimes with glasses, sometimes in expensive suits and ties, sometimes without… And say it’s all our history. And all this, again, is based solely on historical facts, which conclusively proved, the documents and archives, and at many different, and “us” and “them” there, the “partners” that is. How can they believe?

But I do still have some questions. Well, for example, how about the fact that it is still slightly above outlined in this article, we spoke a little earlier, but also very serious and respectable people? And sometimes even right the same ones that today bring us now this “new truth”. Then they also claimed that it is our history, and it is this. They, it turns out, then, before they lied? We are constantly lied to for three generations?

Personally, I and millions just like me, all of these are serious and respected people first took all what we believed and to be proud of, something that we respected their country, and then took the country itself, together with its ideology, flag and name. Why and why should I believe all this now? Where is the guarantee that in a few years, or even decades, who’s something will not find in some dusty archive, not declassified, and all this is again not “to be” differently? Because then, not so long ago, all too has been proven and archives, scholars, and all the rest…

What is all this? I say this story is the facts. But does history and facts can be several times to change dramatically literally the exact opposite in the next couple of decades? And all this in front of the same people? In many discussions, where I tried to defend the need for an impartial study of historical materials, I was opposed, saying that it is impossible to study history without reference to beliefs and the political situation, without regard to the interests of the country or people, or both together. Well, all that is a little higher, just have history with an eye to the beliefs and political interests, enjoy… Like the story or more on propaganda? In my opinion, the second, and in its pure form.

But come on. There are already inconsistencies with reality. Even if you believe that it is finally true, here only a hundred years later got it to the surface and appeared before us in all its glory or ugliness, who is then generally turns out Lenin? Who was in fact the person who is with us still as a mummy in a mausoleum on the main square in the capital, is still the greatest country in the world, which everywhere still standing monuments, and his name more fully all the terms called? Back to the latest facts, the latest version of events and take it all. There is a war with Germany. Our troops bravely fighting the enemy on all fronts. And even, as it turns out, on the territory of foreign States at the request of the allied of the French government, and on the Western front, in France, was sent to the Russian Expeditionary corps, where everywhere, where they were shown examples of valor and heroism in battle with the German army. At the same time a certain group of people, citizens of Russia (!), at the head of which stands a certain Vladimir Ulyanov, a party pseudonym Lenin, too, while abroad, in Western Europe, has been active in subversive activities to overthrow the existing order in the country, i.e. in Russia.

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For achieving this purpose and for the sake of their own well-being, this group colludes with the enemy of Russia in the war – German regime, through its security services. German intelligence services provide Lenin and his associates all possible material, promotional and logistical assistance, as at this particular moment the goals of Lenin and of the Germans in the collapse of the Russian government and bring the country out of the war, even at the cost of losing, are the same. Methods of action of the organization of Lenin: the creation of different schools of propagandists and the revolutionary terrorists in Europe with the purpose of their further transfer to Russia, defeatist propaganda in the armed forces at the front, calls to surrender or to defect, carrying out subversive and corrupting activities in the country, espionage in favor of Germany, and then the implementation of the directly violent seizure of power in the state, with the active assistance, financing and facilitating the direct enemy of Russia – Germany. How can all this be called?… Is the liberation of the country from tyranny?… I have already see me as mixed, to put it mildly, with the material for such a comparison, but still ask the question: what in this case, the meaning, principles and methods of their actions, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Lenin different from the other “fighter for the liberation of the peoples of Russia from the dictatorship” with the help of the Germans and also during the war with Germany, Andrei Andreyevich Vlasov?… Well, of course, except that at first all plans, to the surprise of many and even of the Germans themselves, it turned out, and the second is not. I, for instance, again based on all the last opened the truth, it seems that differences somehow very little, not to say that they almost do not exist. Only reason one, which is all it is, in fact, treason came out and all the enemy’s plans he carried out successfully to the very end, we have lies in a mausoleum and so on, and the second, which none of this happened, was in 1945 caught on Czech territory when you try to leave and be useful yet the same Americans, then convicted, hanged, and is now considered one of the most vile and infamous traitors in the history of the country. Where is the logic? Or just the winner is always right, even if he is a traitor, pure and simple?

I apologize in advance for all this in front of someone, my thoughts on this subject as-that has affected or offended, but, based on what we now are once again as true stories, these insights and questions are somehow themselves asking. That is, Lenin is a traitor? Or this all could be interpreted as something different? I can only guess what it’s for magicians, such that every time it is time to seek some bottomless archives and declassify always just appropriate to the current political situation truthful material. But this time, in my opinion, they dosecialis and coresecretes to a very unpleasant situation: it turns out that all offered to us now as our story is a shameless lie, or in the mausoleum on red square all the time is a disgusting traitor to our country. I can not sympathize with neither Lenin or the Communist ideas in General, but I still more want to believe rather the first option. First, we somehow already accustomed to, and secondly, as stated, for the power offensively…

The latter, as it now seems, the unshakable pillar of the preservation of patriotism in Russia on the background of all this, today is the Great Patriotic war and the heroism of our people in it. And where is the guarantee that after some time someone that is all too again not reconsider on the basis of “the revelations of” and the hero will not get one of Vlasov? You say, not even scream – “that’s impossible!” and apparently accuse me of blasphemy and all the other deadly sins. But let me remind you that I myself personally, about thirty or slightly more years ago, you would about the same if someone tried to teach me about Lenin and the revolution, something similar to what we have today show on television on national TV. And until recently nobody could come, that our brothers and neighbours, in Ukraine, will be to demolish the monuments to Soviet soldiers and commanders, and heroes will be a Nazi Stepan Bandera or genuine SS type Shukhevych and the soldiers of the German 14th division of the Waffen-SS “Galichina”. Could it come to someone in the head during the Soviet era? Could not, of course, even in a nightmare. And where did it come from? And it’s not that other, as the fruits and the direct consequences of “exploring” and presenting history through the prism of certain “national and political interests.” In this construction, and the patriotism and love of country. There. At the moment. But nobody thinks about how that’s repeated on “castrated” or “politically corrected” history, patriotism will be in a few years when someone decides it all again to rewrite it in favor of some new political situation.

Maybe it’s still better to study history as it is? And to love their country with all its history and exploits, and errors, and even crimes? And this build patriotism and love of country? I think these feats and great achievements we have enough to be proud and to sing. And if you gloss over or sugarcoat things and mistakes, then when they will still come out to the surface, unable quite logical to have questions already do all the things we were taught and what we’ve been raised. If you lie in the beginning of the story, where is the guarantee that in the end it will be true? Just as it happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the degradation of its ideology – we once almost lost everything, and national history, pride, and patriotism, and even universal values. You want someone repeating the moral level of the nineties? I personally do not.

So. In my opinion, is something to think about. And those who are history studies and reads, and those it is trying to write and teach…

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