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We want to believe. Interview with the creators of the film “the Forgotten Phoenix”

If you are a frequenter of the “Zone of horror”, you probably remember how we wrote about the upcoming mockumentary film “the Forgotten Phoenix”, which attracted the attention of Ridley Scott and promised to tell us the mysterious history of the phenomenon of so-called “Phoenix Lights”. So, today, 21st April, saw the premiere of this picture. However, the issue is about cinemas in the US… but as you know, sooner or later, everything good or bad can be imported to our screens.

However now we can know a little about this painting and read an interview with its creators: Director Justin Barber and producer T. S. Nolina, whose coauthored the script and formed the basis for the film.

Tell me why in the film is based on history with “the Phoenix Lights”?

Justin Barber: I was in high school, when was the peak of popularity of “x-files”, and I really liked what happened there. I remember writing an article about the “Lights over Phoenix” in the school newspaper… since she lingers in me, this urban legend of the American southwest.

TS Nowlin: For me it was an opportunity to create a film in the style faund footage (approx. the translator – found the video), so that people wondered whether it is true or not? This desire appeared somewhere in 2011 year, when I co-producer Wes ball saw the movie “How I made friends in the social network”. We discussed, in fact all this is happening, or not? Thought it would be nice to bring the same feeling of authenticity in the movies with which we grew up, such as “Close encounters of the third kind”, or even “Poltergeist.” Authenticity was what attracted me in this project. In order to create this feeling, we decided to use as much real footage from 1997 year, and to interview these witnesses, to hear the stories they tell us. In the end, “the Forgotten Phoenix” gave us everything we wanted to.

Why, of all others, you were chosen the genre of mocumentary?

Justin Barber: it was interesting to play because of the limitations of the filming. So, you experience things as well as their experience and characters. But what is more interesting is a story about the nature of UFO hunting UFO… the people trying to remove evidence that we are not alone in the universe. Besides, in my opinion, this is a very effective form of presenting history, especially when it comes to a horror movie. How terrible is happening, the more creepy to the viewer, and all the frightening things become much steeper. And yet pseudodocumentaries is a very complex genre, because at the moment it is already removed tons of different movies… but among them, there are still topics that are not covered, and one of them is faund footage of UFOs… but we still wanted to add to the genre something different, to do something new and to put his feet.

Than “the Forgotten Phoenix” is different from other mocumentary?

TS Nowlin: I think partial structure, because it begins almost like a documentary, and then the story adds elements to faund of the footage that sets it apart from other films. Yet, perhaps, something that most pseudo of paintings is a direct horror, and here the picture is not only the videotape, but also about the heroes who went to remove evidence of the existence of UFOs. To some extent it is also a return to the origins of the genre, such works as “Blair Witch”. They had that same feeling of authenticity of what is happening, from which subsequently, I think, the genre is still left. I hope that our film will be able to move a little mocumentary forward, and at the same time pays homage to the roots from which it all began.

Justin Barber: When we did the movie we wanted to make it as less as possible resembled the production work, and more of a real documentary. I hate it when you go to the cinema to watch a mocumentary… and the actors on the screen look models, and it definitely wasn’t filmed on a cheap camera. In short, we wanted to make everything right.

You talked about the unusual structure… but if popodrobey?

TS Nowlin: When the film begins, the feeling that before the story of a criminal offence. I thought it would be interesting to offer the audience play detective, and to let them step by step to move into history like a trail of bread crumbs. In the first half of the film we propose to look at the pieces of the puzzle, and the second – get all the answers. We spent a lot of time to come up with characters and make a mystery of the details and events, and hope that the second part will begin when video faund of the footage, the audience crept out of our chairs and will be looking forward to watch the screens to see what happened.

One of the most intriguing aspects is the participation in the work of Ridley Scott. How he was involved in the process?

Justin Barber: He was very impressed with our material and idea in General. To be honest, Scott could pass but in his mind definitely registered a couple of others. It was not on the set, but the support of the project on his part was just neverotno. All this has allowed us to make a picture corresponding to the quality level of his work.

How do you think aliens exist?

TS Nowlin: to be Honest, I myself have several times kidnapped in a flying saucer… no, just kidding (laughs). And I still think that the basis of all the stories about the contacts and conspiracy, which tell us decade after decade, is the desire to believe that we are not alone in the universe. I think for us it’s like trying to look further to see where the big, interesting and attractive universe.

Justin Barber: I would say that when I was younger, it was more like Fox Mulder, I’m older now, and more like Dana Scully. When you want things was much more fantastic than they really are. Unfortunately, there is no hard evidence for the existence of UFOs, but the world is strange enough to hope that maybe there is something there.

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