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We never dreamed of! As in Japan, are people with disabilities

Нам и не снилось! Как в Японии относятся к инвалидам

Russian tourists coming to Japan, the impression that people with disabilities are a great many – and all because for them ideal conditions.

Russian scientist Vladimir Belousov, living in Japan, continues to acquaint the readers of his blog with the life of this country. This time from the coronavirus he moved to the disabled by posting the video on how to help these people employees of the Tokyo subway: - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Note the incredibly high level of care and respect.

It may seem that a person in a wheelchair is a member of the Imperial family, who decided to take a ride in the subway, and not the usual old Japanese woman.


I have written many times about the extremely careful and responsible attitude of the Japanese to human life and especially to people with disabilities.


Once (several years ago) I went to a Department store near the house (I was living in a residential district of Tokyo on the border with Chiba Prefecture) at the same time with me to the store moved in a wheelchair. Instantly he was approached by two staff members helped to transfer to a special wheelchair with attached handy shopping baskets and together they picked all the right products and then served a man in the checkout queue.

I have already opened a mouth from such a service and efficiency.

Then I’ve seen it many times in various stores and are used to this.

Disabled in Japan will make shopping in any supermarket, much faster than the average person.

Once I wrote about the transport system of Japan, which is carefully designed for easy and convenient use by persons with disabilities (buses, taxis, subways, airplanes, intercity trains, ships, etc.).

Here’s another example (especially at the end, where the officer waits until the closing of the Elevator doors and then making a bow, even though he knows that he can’t see).

In this video, which I made a few days ago:

An elderly woman in a wheelchair waiting for his train. To her immediately approached the employee of the subway, which is responsible for the organization of traffic on this platform. Rode the train. The employee laid a special trap and controls the entry of a wheelchair into the car. After that he will approach the driver and tell him that the train goes disabled and displays the car number and door number and the name of the station to which one follows. The driver of the wagon would announce the arrival station to platform personnel prepared for the meeting invalid. At the arrival station the same special employee arranges a trip of the invalid from the car and then hold him to the Elevator, will help to open the Elevator doors, control entry to it and will wait until the door closes and the Elevator will not leave.

A disabled person in Japan feels as a disabled person, and even on the contrary!

Employees of all agencies of Japan (public and private companies) to help such people with the desire and deep reverence, as if before them, would be the most dear and beloved relative.

Kindness and honesty in a relationship, a genuine concern of the Japanese about each other – this is a common norm of behavior of modern Japanese society.

And here is in Japan everywhere…”


Of course, this post has caused not only delight but a regret that in Russia everything is totally not so, and the Russian invalid a thousand times will think before to go out and the street. And if he can do it…

– I’m sorry, just want your impressions to share . To be honest ,I don’t know statistics . But in the first years of life in Japan ,it seemed to me that there are a huge number of people with disabilities . I don’t think more than in Russia . Just here in Japan ,people with disabilities ,is not limited . They freely mix across the country . Go to work or on business .Visit exhibitions ,concerts ,cinemas .

– When I first was in Japan in the streets saw a yellow track for the blind. And about the rest don’t want to talk. Indeed in this country the attitude of the people is quite another. Thank you for the video and photos. Thank you.

Beautiful theme about Japan. We are talking about an accessible environment, but often it simply does not exist. And in Japan, it is really affordable. I’ve visited nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, and how it is organized, how employees care about the people living there. Watched make purchases in supermarkets or combine. Metro and the transport – there are no words. And of course bows! Thank you for the lovely post and video footage.

– And in England. Meet a disabled person, will put the track under the wheel to the desired station. Very touching and from the heart. No pathos and no unnecessary nerves of people who are deprived of much in life.

– We have unfortunately to disabled people in most cases are treated as second-class citizens, seek to get rid of them or to cheat. Almost all have what is called teeth to gnaw. This is generally characterizes the majority of citizens of the former USSR. We can say bestial attitude to human life creates a certain type of behavior. even at the household level: why not married, why no children, why why CE…

– You know, living in Japan Russian treat disabled people as well as in Russia. Only recently was the topic: “what they do/Moo/hands waving. I’m afraid of a sudden attack”…

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