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We do not feel the Southern Kuriles their

Мы не ощущаем Южные Курилы своими

We — I and the vast majority of my readers don’t know if part of the Russian territory from the group of the Kurile Islands given to Japan, or all will result in a protracted diplomatic game with intermediate zero result, which will be presented to us as desirable. Allegedly, Russia was trying to make — and we only got the question and didn’t give in! There are hopes among some analysts Patriotic.

However, you must realize a number of alarming symptoms, which even if not manifested dangerous disease, still need consideration and understanding.

First and foremost is to remember that the Russian General was not obliged to return to talks on the 1956 Declaration, in the 9th paragraph which the Soviet Union promised Japan’s “Islands of Habomai and Shikotan island”, but only after the conclusion of a peace Treaty between Japan and the Soviet Union. No need to remember the Declaration from the Russian Federation was not there. Even if the former RSFSR will be in each letter to assert itself as the successor state to the Soviet Union (also the line of conduct of dubious value) — even in this case, the document should not have over us no power, as Japan in 1960 and unilaterally refused the conditions of 1956, placing additional territorial claims “and other primordial Japanese territories”.

This means that the document does not have to remember diplomats: he’s dead, how dead are the terms of the contract, scheduled but not held many years ago. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union deceased gradually began to raise from the grave, presenting the case as if to give part of the South Kuril Islands is a compromise “on Russian terms.” We will not just agree to move towards Japan, we outline the situation as if a long document requires us to make these steps. Downright dominance of legal power! And this is one reason why we don’t call the Southern Kuriles their if tomorrow they are not our own? The Russians behave as if constantly ready for this…

It is remarkable that this uncertainty is expressed not just at the level of diplomatic language, it manifests itself at the level of common words. Two years ago the Patriotic publicist Yegor Kholmogorov, based on the proposals of the Sakhalin branch of Russian geographical society, wrote about the need to give the Kuril Islands of the Russian names instead of the Ainu, and the ownership of the Habomai archipelago did not cause his doubts. There is required background: the Ainu — the people who once inhabited these Islands, were partially assimilated and partially destroyed by the Japanese. To talk about “ancestral” of the South Kuril Islands to the Japanese is much less justified than talking about aboriginal to Russia, Northern Kazakhstan or Narva.

However, for many years (at least since the early 90’s) talking about what the Islands of the South Kuril Islands including the Habomai archipelago as a whole, needs to be given Russian names (lesser Kuril ridge), “to designate the Russian ownership of these Islands.” This theme was initiated by the Sakhalin — that is part of the Russian territory, to the Kuril Islands as close as possible; the topic raised by people who understand what I’m saying. And the General public in the value of Russian names should convince at least the fact that the majority of Russians do not even realize that Habomai is not one island but many. This alone should attract our attention. But the name is never given, and what have we here? Today, the same Yegor Kholmogorov writes about these Islands as “disputed”, wrote about some of their “section on the Russian environment.” If so write Patriotic publicists (not just one Kholmogorov) — what to expect from the rest?

Another Federal publication interested in speculative demand for real estate on Shikotan: according to him, part of the “dear Russians” rushed for the local registration and the prospect of Japanese nationality. By the way, the area of Shikotan 65 square kilometres larger than the area of European small country Liechtenstein, and this without taking into account dvuhsotmilnuyu the coastal zone.

But it seems that no major national media even now, in the time of increased nervousness, couldn’t be bothered to detach the Kuril Islands special correspondent. We are talking about the possibility of the loss of the Russian territory — not only symbolically important, but of strategic importance, which since 1956 has grown. However, in Russia, almost silence, as if nothing is happening. In the Russian information space would prefer for the umpteenth time to discuss the Ukrainian Autocephalous or statements of Western politicians, the Russian Federation can not really influence — in General, already or yet. But the island is ours, their destiny we can influence — here and now!

To influence, one must understand that this is our island and what it is, this land, which is geographically, of course, much closer to Japan than to Moscow. And if from Sakhalin it can be clearly seen, the view from Moscow of the Kurile Islands lost in a haze of “big politics”.

It is a land where the Japanese come easier than the citizen of Russia. For the Japanese visa-free regime, and Russians — and to go far away and have to get permission to enter the border area.

This is a land where people, citizens of Russia, it’s easier to get to meet their consumer and cultural needs in Hokkaido, than at least to Vladivostok.

This land is under strong Japanese influence: since the early 90-ies of the “humanitarian aid” from Japan to the Southern Kuril Islands were everywhere — from the supply of medical equipment to fuel for utilities. The Japanese creditor, the Japanese buyers of illegally harvested marine resources.

All this is bad — but not exclusively. In Russia it is possible to count not one region that has the same problem — less strongly manifested, but the same cultural and consumer dependence on the nearest “abroad”, the isolation from “big Russia”… And, say, the issue of territorial coherence is impossible to decide for only one Smoked: it needs to be addressed for the whole of Russia.

Why in Russia not everyone realizes that the Southern Kuril Islands — Russian territory? Russian, not “controversial”. Why even Federal media lazy and incurious? Why at the very least we urge the government at least a detailed report, compiled with the involvement of public experts: that we can lose with the Southern Kurils and what to gain from the signing of the peace Treaty? Speaking about some “conditions that should be put on Japan” as we can guarantee their execution, if this land will not be ours when we do not know and do not know how to influence her life even now that she is ours?

The problem of the South Kuril Islands — a drop of water. If we don’t feel the Southern Kuril Islands as its own, it’s because we don’t feel their own country.

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