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“We can’t do this anymore” MSU rebelled against permanent rector: created the petition

«Мы не можем больше молчать» МГУ восстал против бессменного ректора: создана петиция

Students, postgraduates and teachers of the Moscow state University created a petition demanding the return of elections of the rector. It has already signed more than 500 people.

At this step the authors of the petition went after in the beginning of November it became known about the development of amendments that will allow the Russian President to indefinitely extend the powers of the rector.

“December 20, 2019 end of the sixth term of principalship Viktor Sadovnichy, after which he will be obliged to leave his post. In 2009 Sadovnichy has initiated the abolition of autonomy and the election of the rector in exchange for the extension of office for two terms. In early November, 2019 it became known about the development of amendments that will allow Sadovnichy, head of Moscow state University for 27 years, to remain rector for life,” write the authors of the petition.

They recall that for two centuries MSU had the right to elect the rector. “The last break, which began in 2009, when Russia officially entered the era of “stability,” too long,” they say.

After the cancellation of elections of rectors of the faculties seized the right to elect deans and heads of departments. “Faculties and institutes have lost their own legal entity, as all financial flows are concentrated in appointed by the rectorate units. The Charter of the Moscow state University argues not a Scientist, the Council and the Government of the Russian Federation, separating the University from the definition of the principles of his work. The scientific staff continue to work on starvation, compared with the world rates, and grants are forced to enroll in the payroll to report on the implementation “may” decrees. Procurement of equipment under Russian law you have to wait for months. Granted in exchange for the renunciation of autonomy privileges and its own standards of teaching, diplomas and the right to award its own degrees — it turned out beautiful wrapper,” write the staff of the University and its students.

“The University cannot function, when in his heart is a police station and a private branch of the state security service. Security forces open a door in the Cabinet appointed by the security forces to the rector of the leg. Year after year students, graduates, post-graduates and teachers of MSU are defendants in criminal cases are absurd, the plot of which would not have come to mind Franz Kafka. The system of total control, to encourage snitching and universal suspicion kill the creative atmosphere for scientific research, the authors write of the petition. — MSU can no longer remain silent. We may not be able to return autonomy to MSU, because deprived of any Executive power in the country. We can only vote with their feet — and hundreds of graduates, graduate students and MSU staff leave each year, continuing research for the benefit of humanity abroad. But we can’t do this anymore”.

The authors need a return of the election of the rector by the team of Moscow state University, independent right to assert the Statute of Moscow state University, as well as the creation of normal conditions for study and research.

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