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We cannot allow Russia used Ukrainian-Belarusian border.

Нельзя допустить, чтобы РФ использовала украинско-белорусскую границу, - ПорошенкоPoroshenko is on a working visit in Belarus.

President Petro Poroshenko during a visit to Belarus, expressed hope that Ukraine will not face the Russian invasion from the North.

“This is the boundary of friendship, and we in any case should not allow to Ukraine through the territory of Belarus was any threat. We do not expect, know that this will not happen, and, of course, we don’t want Russia has used Belarus in order to get us in the flank,” – said Poroshenko in Gomel during the meeting with representatives of the Ukrainian community.

The President of Ukraine has arrived to Gomel for the first Forum of regions of Belarus and Ukraine. During the visit he met with President Alexander Lukashenko.

The press service of the President reported that Poroshenko in the talks said the cooperation between Ukraine and Belarus based on friendship. “We are absolutely confident that relations have reached a serious height. The economies of our countries shows that the increase is more than 23%,” – said the President of Ukraine. According to him, the growth of supply of Ukrainian products to Belarus. “It is very important to keep these trends,” – said Poroshenko.

The press service of Lukashenko in turn said that the meeting also raised the issue of the border between Belarus and Ukraine. The President of Ukraine said that it should be exclusively a border of peace, friendship and reliability. “You and I are taking this effort,” said Poroshenko.

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