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We believe victims of “aliens” by James Cameron

Topic “counting kills” updated with another entertaining video. Previously, we understood how many bloody “deeds” did the creators of such series as “Children’s games” and “Axe”, and now we throw a closer look at another cult horror.

To count the number of victims of the colonizers of the ill-fated LV-426 (and at the same time to recall the story of one of the best sequels in cinema history) will help us leading YouTube channel Dead Meat James Janiss. Ripley had passed through fire, water and copper pipes, shoot at xenomorphs and will call a huge alien monster “bitch”, while her companions are one by one tragically die. And deaths in total in the frame typed for 15 Grand at 137 minutes of screen time. By modern standards – not that much, but “Aliens” even with such indicators continue to be the benchmark for cool space horror.

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