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We are waiting for a spin-off of the film “Jason goes to hell”?

Director Adam Marcus shared an unexpected and curious plans, which he, as it turned out, carries for a very long time.

Behind Marcus so many feature films, but his name will forever remain in the annals of horror, as the man directed the slasher “Jason goes to hell: the final Friday”. The film, to put it mildly, imperfect, markedly affected by conflicts between the Studio, still not knowing what to do with the newly acquired franchise, and a young Director eager to shoot their movies. This year, by the way, to be released documentary on the subject.

Well, until “Friday the 13th” is in a coma, the issue of rights, and the new part of the franchise we don’t Shine, Adam Marcus is going to make a movie that can be called unofficial spin-off series. The main character of the film will be a character, let’s say, very similar to Creighton Duke, the bounty hunter maniacs, whose role in “Last Friday” performed by Stephen Williams. The hero does not fit well into the background of the series, and the reveal did not really have time, but the flavor of the man was not to occupy.

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In the latest edition of the podcast is Cinema Toast Crunchcast Marcus talks about his plans here:

I have a movie… you are the first person I say this… this film is completely inspired by Creighton Duke. We’ll do them next year. I can tell you that I’m negotiating with Steven Williams. I am serious about this film. That’s what I wanted to do for many years. For me it was a character I discovered. This is the guy I love. And, I tell you, I have something in the sleeve, from which the people would go nuts.

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Well, it would be very interesting! Let’s hope that the Director will not only start this project with Williams in the lead role, but also to get a sufficient budget to unfold as it should.

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