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We are steps away from the restoration of serfdom

Мы в паре шагов от восстановления крепостного права

In the Yeniseisk (Krasnoyarsk region) the local resident Eugene Socks insulted on the page of President Putin, for which he received a fine of 30 thousand rubles.

During the proceedings, the district court thoroughly discussed the Eugene and personality when deciding on the case took into account that place of residence it is characterized satisfactorily, has a monthly income in the amount of 18 thousand rubles, and the monthly cost of utilities 4000 rubles.

I don’t know why the cost of utilities was important for the court, but the picture is quite feudal. A resident from the number of taxable estate to the amount of lives a little less than 300 dollars a month, of which about 70 he makes in the account of the fact that he even has a roof over her head. The resident dissatisfied with the government, after which the court, after weighing everything carefully, gives him a fine of almost two monthly earnings, to a citizen of our great state the next time thinking, someone opens a hole.

Well, that now when meeting with colleagues-teachers will need to ask for a passport, and in case of detection of a foreign nationality where to report, is all links of one chain.

We are steps away from the restoration of serfdom dreamed constitutional court Chairman Zorkin.

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