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We are proud, honest and live under the asphalt

Мы гордые, честные и живем под асфальтом

We are more honest than people in USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Greece and Portugal, not to mention a bunch of Asian and Latin American countries. So says a fresh academic article in the journal Science answered a very simple question: if you lost your wallet, you will give it or not? But if he money will give?

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This was a lost wallet 17 303 355 cities in over 40 countries, including in Russia — in Kazan, Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Omsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg. For each country — approximately 400 of “loss”. We — a respectable 15th place for honesty. Gave about 50% of the time (see graph).

But our entire system of government is based on the fact that the Russian people are a) stealing, b) bypasses the laws) do not pay taxes, d) the export of capital, etc.) and always think of something to Snitch.

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And so, being proud and honest, we live under the asphalt.

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