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We are mired in narcissism and complexes

Мы погрязли в самолюбовании и комплексах

Published under the hooting of Russian propaganda transcript of conversation trump and Zelensky in fact, it may be for Patriotic agitators unpleasant and uncomfortable document. Let me remind you we have a common position — Ukraine is a vassal and a tiny satellite, maintained by and under the full control of the West and specifically the United States.

And here we have the opportunity to see behind the scenes and, as implied, secret and open talks “Seigneur” and “vassal” where, based on rumors we have of the submission, one should sit with a cigar on the throne and give instructions, the other on his knees, obliging nod and polishing the boss’s boots. However, it is not so, carefully build the years the image collapses.

Before us is a conversation between two quite equal to and independent of the leaders, quite calm, without any humiliation. “Señor” several times tries to persuade “vassal” to conduct the necessary investigation, he politely Julita, limited to generalities, beyond some platitudes, respectful nods Trump on his “experience”, which is not surprising given the narcissist-samoborsko the reputation of the occupant of the White house, resentful kick the Europeans, that’s all. This is to be a man’s conversation with his shadow, to paraphrase Schwartz?

No harsh orders, no angry tirades and guidance, no talks on the subject of how much more “Abrams” and the black mercenaries to transfer to the borders of Donbass or enumeration secret billion, sprinkling the bony arm of the CIA on the destruction of the “Russian spring”, or curses and rays of hatred to Russia. As it turns out, Trump in General, neither Russia nor Ukraine is not interesting. It is interesting to crush and destroy inter-political rival. All. And this is the “Lord of the world”, dreaming to enslave the Holy Russia?

In General, everything, as expected, been said many times before. We are mired in narcissism and complexes, and projected a strange and innate phobias and manias on the other. In fact, neither Russian, nor Ukrainian black soil does not need anyone except ourselves, and ascribing to the West a desire to capture or subdue we just move on it’s own undercurrent of desire.

Attributing the ideas of the West to destroy us or to send armored columns through the swamps beyond the Urals, we assign it its own attacks Imperial delusions.

Attributing Ukrainians and euroamericana conspiracy and secret relationships of coercion and subordination, we may project onto them our own relationship with our vassals, including LDNR.

The answer is simple, very simple and very sad.

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