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“We are happy”: George Clooney for the first time publicly spoke about the pregnancy Amal


The rumors that the 55-year-old George Clooney (George Clooney) and his 39-year-old wife Amal (Amal Clooney) are preparing to become parents, went for a long time, almost from the time of the marriage of the couple. When a confirmed bachelor Clooney took his beloved down the aisle, amazed fans realized that now the actor can wait and “speed horse” in the appearance of the children. Because, as you know, earlier he hadn’t been thinking about the heirs and was a staunch childfree.

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The star couple has still not officially commented on the pregnancy Amal. And finally George broke the silence. In the program of the Rencontres de Cinema, the actor spoke about getting the honorary award “Cesar” and also commented on the imminent addition to the family.

Fotodom / Rex Features

Clooney has confirmed rumors that the couple is expecting twins — a boy and a girl, and also stated that his life changed dramatically: “Amal is very happy and of course excited. It will be a real adventure. We look forward to the emergence of our children into the light”.


The actor also touched on the topic of age. He said that many of friends make fun of the fact that he will be the first time in his 55 father. Clooney said that he worries about this, as there are many examples of actors who became parents at a later age. For example, Jean-Paul Belmondo, who became Pope in 70 years.

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