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We are going to inhale burnt hope

Мы будем вдыхать сгоревшие надежды

Not sure if there’s another country in the world where black is equal to white law. I’m about incineration, which equated to waste. All write about the dangers of incinerators, but I about another, even more significant trouble will speak.

The trouble now is this. If you are building in the region incinerator instead of recycling you for years, for decades to determine the ecological policy in respect of waste in the region. For example, if you build a waste recycling company — you have to download it, will inevitably create a system of separate waste collection and to improve the quality of this separation. But if you built incinerator — she doesn’t care what her stuff. Makes no sense to even hint about separate waste collection. What’s the point if plastics, paper, and textile will burn in a furnace?

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Just in case let me remind you that waste management is not only about clean air and water. It is about the raw materials that can be reused and on which you can earn. Incineration literally still burning money. In the world of recycling is a profitable business. In some countries, recycling companies pay citizens for the separation of waste. And make the most money recycling. We are for years to destroy even the hope for change for the better. And we inhale burnt hope fully with our children.

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