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Wax doll: Sedokova not know their own fans

Восковая кукла: Седокову не узнают собственные фанатыAnna Sedokova was struck by its followers in Instagram selfie fresh.

On his page in Instagram Sedokova large has shared a new selfie where she just did not know. Anna’s face was like a wax mask, from which the subscribers, to put it mildly, not amused.

Signed his photo Sedokova: “Who is at 7am in curls and makeup, he is either still up, or already at 8 in the morning is removed. Yes it will keep the battery in the phone to show you exclusive photos from the shooting))) I used the Word very pretentious in order to give significance to the moment!”.

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Three hours Sedokova photo liked more than 53 thousand instagram users, but there were those who decided to Express his “Phi” in the comments: “not acting like yourself…”, “All as waxy and unnatural!”, “Bad makeup!”, “With the filters too much. Does not look like themselves!”.

Apparently, Anna Sedokova overdone with photoshop or make-up artist need to “hand tear” as advised to make the fans of the singer.

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Восковая кукла: Седокову не узнают собственные фанаты

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