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Watch the RUSSIAN trailer of the NF-horror “Greyfield”

Surely a sub-genre of mocumentary still alive? At least he still rock the boat, as the Russian trailer of the film “Greyfield” (a,k.a. The incident in Graysville, The Gracefield Incident) looks surprisingly good.

About the project we wrote time and again, intrigued by the fact that one of its producers is former NHL star, Russian hockey player Sergei Fedorov. The rest of the film until then nothing was, and for primitive poster “eye” made fun of him. Now, however, personally, I am ready to think, not whether to “Graysville” to treat more serious?

16 Aug 2013 the court ordered the CIA to declassify files that were classified as “top secret” for 75 years. Then in the public domain are videos of paranormal phenomena that took place in Graysville, Quebec.
Three couples spend a weekend in Graysville in a comfortable cabin in the woods — have fun, relax. Suddenly, near falls in the forest meteorite. Of course they are going to look at it and touch such a rare, not knowing that the fun will soon begin a very different kind.

The Russian is expected to premiere on July 27 2017!

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