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Watch the Japanese trailer MANDY

Because the Japanese know a lot about trailers.

As you can see, this video is dedicated to action horror “Mandy” to hell cut almost all the chatter, so it was only a furious action! But now with huge Japanese characters! In short, it looks trèšovo and no less cool.

And you expect this film?

1983. Lumberjack Ed with his beloved wife Mandy live quietly in the midst of pristine nature. However, the idyll intrudes the evil — sect bikers and Satanists. Seeing Mandy in the woods, the sinister cult leader ordered to kidnap the girl, drug her pumps and gives the ritual burning. And leaves no choice to the Red, but to embark on the path of revenge.

Starring, recall, performed brutal Nicolas cage (“Lord of war”, Andrea Riseboro (“Birdman”), Linus Roache (“Vikings”), bill Duke (“Predator”) and Richard Brake (“31: Feast of Death”).

Director — Panos Cosmatos (“beyond the black rainbow”).

In Russia, “Mandy” will be shown October 11, 2018.

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