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“Washing dishes is not a man thing”: funny jokes about men unique

"Мыть посуду — не мужское занятие": смешные приколы о неповторимых мужчинахMen have their “cockroaches”.

Men are often serious, purposeful, principled, but there are those who can amuse others.

And all because they have excellent sense of humor and resourceful so that their whims can be used to create comics and stories.

Especially witty are those who have experienced the joy of living with the second halves. It is they, her lover, the original men presented with such surprises, which are impossible to hold back the laughter.

There are two friends after roughly spent the weekend:
In vain I argued yesterday with my wife for the desire.
— You have a wife?!
— Now there are…

— Honey, do you love me?
— Well, judge for myself, would I have hated women for 20 years just to lie on the couch!

— Kohl, and why you bought such an expensive set?
— The wife didn’t trust me to wash the dishes.

— So, son quickly gathered up all their scattered toys.
— Dad, yeah, well… I’m lazy. I better stand in the corner…

— Vasya, why do you wear shoes two sizes too small.
— You see, my wife is a woman, ugly, sloppy and also not a good cook. Son is ugly, and I’m not sure if he will even graduate from school. Mother-in-law grumbles incessantly. The only joy I have in life is in the evening when I take off my shoes…

— What are you so happy?
I was at the dentist.
— Is that a reason for fun?
Yes… He was gone!

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