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Wash your hands after watching TV

Мойте руки после просмотра телевизора

Among advocates for their approach to the coverage of the topic of the epidemic of the coronavirus that causes harm to mental health.

Regardless of which scenario or developed an epidemic of coronavirus in the world and Russia, it’s safe to say she thoroughly change the economic, social and cultural background of reality. In principle, it is possible to observe now, on the measures taken in St. Petersburg. Closed all the theaters, museums, Convention centers (including the chamber), mass canceled entertainment and sporting events, cinemas restrict the sale of tickets for the session, stop shooting new movies and TV series.

Certainly, the society we have inventive, so along with prohibitions have new ways of entertainment and communication. Major museums offer to get acquainted with their collections in virtual mode, the St. Petersburg library to start to read fairy tales to my children by phone, street artists create actual graffiti, and party-goers, the creatives have opened the online bar. The fact that people do not lose their presence of mind and creativity fuse in the conditions of information hysteria, certainly pleases.

However, a significant percentage of the population even in the quiet time leads an inert life, and does not gush forth ideas. The elderly, and people with poor health more than others are forced to sit at home. To mothers who are in maternity leave, is now likely to increase parents whose children have extended holidays. Many will be in the mode of self-isolation. And it is difficult to expect that most of them will spend the released time on the development and self-education. Most likely, they will just while away the hours in front of the TV.

Meanwhile, Federal channels, of course, saddled the wave, daily adapting to changing environment, but keeping the overall rate. The most popular transmissions were forced to abandon the crowd, but, oddly enough, they still manage to keep the passions.

As for talk shows devoted to politics, they even manage not to forget about Ukraine. For example, in the ether of the author’s program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” there was a quarrel between the leading and renowned regular “expert” from a neighboring state, Vyacheslav Kovtun. The scandal broke out due to the fact that the Ukrainian guest expressed a skeptical view about how in Russia struggle with the epidemic. In the same program Director Karen Shakhnazarov, which is responsible for “cultural and moral” part, launched into a discussion about the relationship of coronavirus with migration issues in the European Union, the “yellow jackets” in France and ambitions of Donald trump, affects the whole world.

The leader of the movement “Essence of time” Sergei Kurginyan visiting the same Solovyov confidently sort through the theory of “man -” a new virus and indicated that the United States surprisingly quickly began testing the vaccine. The theme of “biological weapons of mass destruction” was also raised in the program “the meeting Place” on NTV channel. This, of course, is nothing new. The image of America as a super-villain from the comics is exploited in the national media for decades. And conspiracy theories for a long time and successfully perform a very specific function: to distract the public from the prosaic problems. After all, behind the scenes of television hysteria remain unpleasant facts that is not going anywhere any epidemic.

First and foremost, of course, is the state of the Russian economy, which will inevitably suffer losses from falling oil prices and the ruble exchange rate. But to discuss the hard numbers, the rising price of food and medicine, life in the Russian province, which remains heavy and dark even without the deadly virus, apparently, bored. It is better to talk about how the Russians massively buying masks and toilet paper, and more convincing to scare a possible curfew.

Not saying anything about the amendments to the Constitution on which people will vote on April 22. However, the decisions the Russians have developed a complete apathy, and not the fact that no coronavirus these manipulations have not gone unnoticed. Just people are so comfortable — like a dog from one of the parable that was lying on a nail and whined, but did not want to budge.

Very harmoniously into a television concept to fit the talk about “the end of consumer society” and the fact that most epidemic hit rich countries. It’s pronounced with a hint of Schadenfreude: that came force, which are all equal and devour the much-vaunted “Western values” as the fire — toilet paper. And what’s the point now to worry about how Russia lagged behind the West in the same health care, if before the new disease of civilization were powerless? Approximately in this spirit, expressed on one of the talk shows Boris Nadezhdin, saying that Russia’s advantage is the ability to “enigmatic soul” to survive in archaic conditions. Here, of course, you can pay attention to the experience of Africa, where people live in conditions of chronic epidemic and panic of Europeans in General seem ridiculous. But how many people will want to try it on yourself?

Similar manipulations in the conditions, when people are demoralized, they look disgusting. As repetitious mantra that “the old world will be lost forever”. Actually there is no “old world”, it naturally changes every day. And such values as caring for others and the preservation of the human form, will always be. But not on Russian TV — therefore, for mental health it is better not to watch.

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