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“Was the omission of the Israeli tourism”

Woman – creating a mysterious and very unpredictable. Because if she want something, whether it’s to get rich, lose weight, or, say, to leak information about their country to representatives of foreign special services, the question “to do or not to do” seems beside the point: I see the goal – do not see obstacles.

«Стала пропуском на израильские курорты»

In November, the Fund of struggle against corruption decided to please its audience with news that the headquarters in Saint-Petersburg was headed by a new coordinator. Who cares who’s the lucky guy, then I explain. New to the gang – fat’yanova Irina is a woman, well known in very narrow circles for his active lifestyle and love to the Middle East.

«Стала пропуском на израильские курорты»

Irina, in fact, his past did not hide. So, from 2000 to 2010 Fatianov worked in Novosibirsk in the Israeli cultural center at the Embassy of Israel in Russia. The organization, by the way, linked to the office of the Prime Minister of the country.

«Стала пропуском на израильские курорты»

However, about their activity, the woman really did not lie: over 10 years Fatianov participated in the meeting of the first Secretary of the Embassy of Israel iris Zwaig with the leadership and students of Altai state technical University, in the same cultural centre and was the coordinator of the youth projects.

«Стала пропуском на израильские курорты»

Speaking of the cultural center. He and like him in Eastern Europe institutions, subordinate to the intelligence services. In our case, is the “Nativ”, the official purpose of which is to strengthen ties with the Diaspora in neighbouring countries.

During Soviet times, “Nativ” no time has been convicted of propaganda of Israel and the recruitment of Jews. To stop (with such an active lifestyle) Irina wasn’t going to, but because they took a new height: to nominate a candidate for election to the municipal Council.
Anyway, this did not prevent Fatyanovo in between fight for a place of mandapa to do what she does best: for example, to lead summer camp “Zophim of Camaret”. In fact, the name immediately becomes clear the direction of the event.

«Стала пропуском на израильские курорты»

The wise woman – the one that will be able to do two things at once. And preferably on the conscience. Alas, Irina is not the case: the elections failed and the only thing left is to try a new field in the form of a coordinator of the Fund of struggle against corruption, where with outstretched arms you will expect the new leadership and hoping to get spots in the hot tel Aviv. I congratulate the Foundation with such a favorable funding! Well, Shabbat Shalom, Alexey!

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