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Was maharshal Ali will become a “Real detective”?

With the third season of “True detective” all a bit vague. Its like as you announce, but not too loud and confident. They say that some work is carried out, the gears of the machine turning the television, and more while you are not supposed to know. On the one hand, this is a much better situation when the creators of the show openly say in interviews that they are unsure whether to continue. On the other – the words “potential” and “possible”, which still sound with respect to the third season, do not add to the enthusiasm of numerous army of fans.

HBO has not officially confirmed the fact of ordering a new season, but the network appeared the information that the script does work father showrunner Nick Pizzolatto (which is already written at least a couple of episodes of the third season) and called him David milch, Creator of “Deadwood”. Insiders report that finally green light a project can get if you recruit a real star. And, it seems, everything to go.

Talks with HBO about his participation in the third season began was Maharshal Ali – the first Muslim, who received the award “Oscar” (for best actor the second plan in the movie “Moonlight”). Recently, the actor quite popular, the draft picks wisely and litsedeyskie in his abilities no doubt. Fans of “dark” movies he knows, for example, “Predators” Nimrod Antal, where he not lucky enough to be in the alien jungle as a kind of “game”. In addition, the important role he played in the TV series “4400” and “Luke cage”. Who he will play (and whether) to “true detective” is still unknown. But it is clear that this is one of the key roles. Moreover, as shown in the character of Vince Vaughn in the second season, it is not necessarily the same detective from the header.

Well, the news is curious for several reasons. Firstly, the project looks interesting. Alive, or something. It is not just the papers-the papers lying dormant in the Desk of his superiors, and the real action. Secondly, have a reason to dream about embedding Ali in a new TV investigation. What kind of role he was offered, that story will form the basis of the plot, where the action will unfold? And finally, third, can Ali pull the role at the level of the best examples of past seasons – Matthew McConaughey and Colin Farrell?

In General, there is something to ponder. Damn it will be interesting to wait for official information, replenishment caste and all that accompanies the production of a really significant projects. For many this leisurely atmospheric Noir – one of the main television events of recent years. We will follow the news.

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