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Was aiming for the Americans, and were in their

Целились в американцев, а попали в своих

Deputies of the state Duma pushed into a corner of his promise to accept less laws that angered citizens.

Thursday dawned in the state Duma eventful day. In one sitting, the deputies adopted several laws that can grab the head of any respectable citizen. And voted for the most part in the third and final reading.

But at the beginning of the convening of the parliamentarians promised not to rush and to carefully consider the law to make less decisions that cause people’s discontent. But then all piled in a heap and voted almost without discussion. Although, if you listen to the deputies from “United Russia”, may give the impression that all laws are good.

Especially a lot of laudatory epithets rang in the new Federal budget for the years 2020-2022, which, luckily for us, even retain the surplus, although the money of these ordinary citizens never see.

Yes, MPs slightly increased spending on social policy, health and education. And even cut spending on defense (but not on national security). This allowed United Russia to claim that, “despite the challenges, the government will be able to fulfill all social obligations”.

It should be noted that this phrase the representatives of the parliamentary majority repeat from year to year since then, the country has established the so-called stability. Them, and especially no one objected. Is that decided not to remain silent representatives of the opposition factions who began to prepare for elections now. Thus, the Communist Michael Shchapov actually accused United Russia of lying, noting that the state does not fulfill its obligations to citizens.

In an argument, he cited the data of the accounting chamber, which showed that in 2019, the volume of outstanding liabilities of the budget may be up to one trillion rubles. In practice, this means that the budget, for example, laid the money on presentation of the housing move from the far North, but the people of the apartment and not received. “On the basis of current financing, the last family in line to receive their housing almost a hundred years,” calculated Shchapov.

“Neither salaries nor pensions today do not allow us to say that the expenditure obligations of the state are implemented in full,” continued his colleague in the faction Vera Hansa. According to her, the capacity of the budget does not allow to increase incomes, and this leads to a reduction in consumer demand and as a consequence — the stagnation of the economy.

“What about the fulfillment of obligations to citizens, we say, when the budget surplus is, but the indexation of pensions to working pensioners is not, the lost Soviet deposits to compensate for not going (it need 135 trillion rubles, — “Rosbalt“), but there are other citizens who were given tax breaks on yachts and planes, gave them an offshore host. That is, they have money, and the repayment of pensions of military retirees and the families of those killed in the military — no. So you specify, before any citizens you are going to fulfill the obligations”, — was indignant at the meeting and “SR” Valery Hartung.

Such a policy angered many citizens, but they have as many years restricted the right to show their discontent out on the street. By the way, to fly over the rally will not now private drones that were previously used for counting the number of participants. The deputies allowed the security services to shoot them down. Few people paid attention to the rule prohibiting the unauthorized flight of drones over “state protection”. Translated into human language this means that it will put a cross on the investigations on the private property of senior persons.

Relatively free area, until recently, remained the Internet and social networks, but after the negative attitude of the authorities began to be too much, “order” decided to bring here. From fresh on this subject — introduction MPs multi-million dollar fines for failure to comply with the legislative requirement to provide intelligence information about users of the Internet and mobile communications to install special equipment or to connect to banned sites.

Use by the gadgets too soon can be problematic, because members were obliged to preinstall them on the Russian software. It is clear that we are talking about a protectionist measure, as in the case of giving the TSA the right to use against the passengers of the stun guns, which must also be manufactured in Russia.

However, the reluctance or even the technical inability of foreign manufacturers to fulfill the new requirement of the preset AT will lead to withdrawal of their products from Russia (it is expected that the first will be Apple), and then a flourishing “gray business” when those same products will bring in illegally and at a higher price.

Dissatisfied with the actions of the authorities will be able to easily rein in, including by assigning a status of “inherent” (a law adopted in the third reading). Threatened primarily known Russian bloggers and journalists who cooperate with foreign media-a”registered as a foreign agent” and receiving from them the fee. And though in the state Duma say that it is a kind of revenge for Maria Butina and Russia Today, which is recorded in the “foreign agents” in the United States, will be hit again its Russian citizens.

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