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Warning signs of magnesium deficiency in the body

Тревожные признаки дефицита магния в организме Scientists have compiled a list of factors responsible for magnesium deficiency in the body.

It turned out that among them, the first positions are: the lack of physiological procedures, improperly generated power system, and other components of a negative content, in terms of the body.

Other factors responsible for the deficiency of magnesium in the body are: poor patency of the arteries of the brain, various violations conductivity of the capillaries, other features of the structure of the body under article congenital or acquired symptoms.

The exclusion of these factors completely frees people from problems with the body.

Scientists decided to continue the research activities started with the objective of identifying the main reasons contributing to the improvement of the General condition of the body by eliminating the harmful factors, and add useful features.

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