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Warner Bros. and Martin Scorsese began developing a solo film about the Joker


The conversations in this regard was through the roof after the release of “suicide Squad” speculated on a solo film about the Joker performed by Jared Leto, and a prequel about the formation of a villain, and on “vrockola” psycho girlfriend. But then came the interesting news: DC and Warner Bros. really, has launched a film about salatom the enemy of Batman, but Jared Leto will not be there.

Producing project will deal himself Martin Scorsese (“shutter Island”), and a key figure in the production will be the Todd Phillips – the Creator of the trilogy “the Hangover” movie, will write the script together with Scott silver (“8 mile,” “the Fighter”) and will also put his hand to producing. It is planned that the”Joker” (on the sidelines talking about this working title) will open a new kynoselen – dark enough for stars out R. Now, WB will have the opportunity to freely look at DC comics to expand the Canon and to create a unique storyline with iconic characters, without regard to the existing films.

Joker needs to tell the story of the character in new ways, its origin will not coincide with any of the existing interpretations – whether it be comics or movie. According to the creators, the action will unfold in Gotham city the early 80s, and the genre of the picture is closest to the crime Thriller. As landmarks – the Martin Scorsese films of the era, in particular – “Taxi driver”.

It is worth noting that the Joker performed by the Summer set cross – he should be back in the sequel to “suicide Squad” and, probably, in the spin-off with Harley Quinn. Just now we have another Joker from a parallel kynoselen. And he will be most likely significantly younger.

Any idea about the actor who could play the new Joker? For such an important mission, as the launch of another universe, it is important not to miss. I hope that Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger will be a worthy successor.

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