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Warehouse racks: the basic selection rules

If you are planning to organize at the enterprise, in the Mall or the store warehouse to store products, you probably thought about the method of its placement in the room. This task becomes paramount after the completion of the draft of the building, determining the locations of utilities, planning and other important steps.

The best storage option for all types of products – from pens and ending with parts for industrial equipment – considered to be the metal racks. They are available in a huge variety of options. It’s time to decide. We invite you to read a brief description of the types of structures.

Складские стеллажи: основные правила выбора

Varieties the shelving systems

Design klassificeret as follows:

  • Pallet racking. The most popular option for storing of the goods on special pallets. The metal structure consists of support posts and horizontal beams (traverse). Specialized systems are ideal for large warehouses that store the one or more product types. Pallet racking for the warehouse are produced in various modifications. To read them you can by clicking on the link
  • Racks drive-in. The most capacious of all the models. The efficiency of the system is achieved due to the lack of passages between sections, allowing you to use the maximum free space of the warehouse. Performed in two versions: LIFO and FIFO. The first is characterized by the presence of separate corridors for each type of product. The system works on the principle of “first come last departed”. The second option is a design of through type. Ideal for storing goods with limited shelf life.
  • Pallete-shelf. The best option for the warehouse where the planned storage of products and pallets, in ordinary boxes.Складские стеллажи: основные правила выбора
  • Combined. Universal type, suitable for showrooms, supermarkets, on the principle of Cash&Carry. On the lower shelves usually are individual products and the top products on pallets.
  • Gravity. Modern equipment allows to use up to 70% of space warehouse. Shelving system is designed in such a way that it is possible to divide the zone of loading and unloading, thus reducing the amount required for maintenance of specialized equipment and therefore staff.
  • All versions of the systems are manufactured in galvanized or lined with polymeric powder coating. Racks can be used both in heated and cold warehouses. Production of Ukrainian steel high quality, multi-stage control and adherence to manufacturing techniques ensures the durability and longevity of the structure.

    Front racks – the best solution for the warehouse

    This type of metal structures is versatile and quite popular among businesses of various kinds. The front pallet racking from “Forster” is designed for storage of medium and large size. With their help, the room can accommodate is 2 times more output than other systems. The design has no restrictions on the type of stored products. Among the advantages of the solution is the following:

    • the possibility of speeding up the processing of cargo;
    • increasing the efficiency of warehouses;
    • compactness and small weight of metal structures;
    • the ability to promptly conduct an inventory of warehouse stocks;
    • adaptation, if necessary, storage of goods of non-standard parameters;
    • easy to install.

    Front racks can be partially or fully dismantled, transported or moved to another room, and then re-assemble. With such manipulation, they did not lose their performance. The rack is going by means of bolted connections and special locks-hooks. The installation does not need to rent or buy welding equipment for installation requires only a rubber hammer, wrench and screwdriver.

    Складские стеллажи: основные правила выбора

    Maximum lifting capacity design type of front is 18 tons for one section and 4.5 tons on the level. Resistance is provided by special thrust bearings, which are equipped with the support pillar. Additionally can be equipped with protective bumpers, grids, partitions between levels. If necessary, set the special levels for storing of light loads.

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