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War Thunder will soon be a new nation

В War Thunder скоро появится новая нацияThe starting lineup of the Italian aircraft will consist of several dozen different models.

For the first time since the full launch of online action War Thunder at the end of last year, the company Gaijin Entertainment is preparing to introduce a new nation.

Soon, in addition to the USSR, USA, Germany, UK and Japan users of War Thunder will have at their disposal aircraft Italy. It remains only to wait for the release of patch 1.69 “Regia Aeronautica”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

How to tell the developers, the starting line-up of Italian aircraft will consist of dozens of different models and modifications (from light and manoeuvrable biplanes of the 30-ies reactive to the post-war models). Among them can be found, for example, all-metal biplane with the possibility of a suspension of several small bombs Fiat CR.32 (the mass of the aircraft of the Regia Aeronautica at the outbreak of world) and three-engine heavy bombers like the SM.79 Sparviero and Z. 1007bis Alcione, in the bomb Bay which can accommodate one 840-kg torpedo.

Read more about new aircraft, visit the official website of War Thunder. While in the store Gaijin already available to pre-order the first premium Italian fighters Fiat CR.32 bis and Fiat G. 55S.

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