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War Thunder in the new update will get Italian tanks

War Thunder в новом обновлении получит итальянские танкиGamers waiting for the update.

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that update 1.85 multiplayer military shooter War Thunder will be added to the branch ground equipment in Italy. This December, the Italian aircraft will receive reinforcements in the form of a few dozen models of tanks, self-propelled guns, antiaircraft guns, and armored cars.

Italy will become the seventh nation in the game War Thunder, which have branches in the air and ground equipment. Dozens of models will cover the period from the beginning of the world until the late stages of the cold war. In the ranks of the Italian army, players will find armored vehicles with recoilless anti-tank guns, powerful self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and, of course, Italian tanks, which are designed to add a great diversity to the usual fighting ground equipment.

Among the new models of Italian armored vehicles – Semovente M43 105/25 is one of the most advanced self-propelled guns, released in Italy in the late stages of the war. A premium version of the Semovente M43 105/25 became part of a special set in the game store. Holders of any of the three available sets now Italian equipment, including “P40 Leoncello” and “Ariete M26 Pershing”, will be among the Testers of the Italian ground equipment and will be among the first to test it in battle.

To join the Testers will be able to all the tank War Thunder, performed a series of special tasks in the game. Assignments will be issued immediately with the release of 1.85.

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