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War drama “28 Panfilov” to be released in

November 16, 1941, when German troops were just two hours by road to Moscow, on the Volokolamsk highway the road was blocked by 316th infantry division under the command of General I. V. Panfilov. According to legend, they managed to survive in an unequal battle and not let the Nazis further. The film took an active participation of the Russian company Gaijin Entertainment, the developer of the military online game War Thunder.

War drama “28 Panfilov” to be released in

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“28 Panfilov” was one of the first major projects of Russian cinema, which was involved in the technology of crowdfunding – the film was partially filmed on the money donated by ordinary viewers. With regard to foreign experience, in 2012 on the screens released tape “Iron sky”, part of the budget which were collected online. The film was then shown, including, and in Russian cinemas.

The trailer of the film “28 Panfilov”
Director of the film “28 Panfilov” Andrew Shalopa – said that the audience was able to collect one-fifth of the production budget (35 million rubles). At a press conference on the occasion of the release of the film on the wide screen, Shalopa admitted that it was the most important part of the budget because without that money there would be no picture.

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Clip from the filming of “28 Panfilov”

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