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Want 500 rubles for nothing?

They again all went according to plan. They were confident in their rightness, but instead of recognizing the error of their judgment – decided to cast aside all the money. Some would call this position a trouble, but the name of her opposition.

Хотите 500 рублей за просто так?

First of all dissuaded to go to a vote, saying the virus then swore to each other: we need to go, no need to vote, not to vote. A few days later decided that not only should go, but also to be photographed is necessary. Why? To campaign against:

Хотите 500 рублей за просто так?…

Lovers cut the dough out of the blue by definitely not gone, here are the messages spread in the public VC job search:

Хотите 500 рублей за просто так?

This is normal? The opposition mocked and criticized the CEC for organizing various kinds of rewards for voters who will go to the polls and vote. No photos don’t need to do: just come and vote as they want. And here for 500 rubles to buy votes, and even in the network spread – here we are, fighters against all the bad and all good.

Хотите 500 рублей за просто так?…

Tell me “NO” vote-buying, illegal campaigning.

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