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Walker said, who is to blame for the troubles of the Ukrainians

Волкер рассказал, кто виноват в бедах украинцевKurt Volker said that from the dictionary of negotiations with Russia, he deleted the words “trust” and “compromise”.

The US special envoy on Ukraine Kurt Volker during a visit to Warsaw, said that the situation in the Ukrainian state is very complex, and those responsible for it must be sought not in Donetsk or Lugansk, in Moscow.

The argument, which operates Kurt Volker in negotiations with countries that can support the peace process in Ukraine, based on the fact that responsibility lies on Russia and that international support is needed of the processes that can contribute to the end of the war.

“A few hours flight from here, on European soil, are regular daily fights. Every week several killed Ukrainian soldiers. There are Russian forces that control the territory of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. This is not a “frozen conflict” is “hot war,” said Walker. – In addition, we are dealing with a humanitarian catastrophe: more than 10 thousand people were killed and about 2 million people were forced to leave their homes. Many of them are now in Poland. Those who are daily struggling with heavy conditions. They have limited access to the rest of Ukraine, for food, medicine and water, electricity and gas. To obtain Ukrainian pension, people need every time to cross the border of the warring parties. It is a tragedy that has penetrated in many areas”.

That is why, as noted by Kurt Volker, it is important part of Europe and the United States, require a common policy.

“After six years of attempts to “reset” Russian-American relations undertaken by the Obama Administration, came 2014, which showed how wrong was the policy. Today, President trump will use all possible in the framework of international law measures to force Russia to “play by the rules,” said the US special envoy on Ukraine.

Kurt Volker added that from the dictionary of negotiations with Russia, he tries to remove the words “trust” and “compromise” because, he believes, “to achieve nothing, if you think that Russia can be trusted”.

“Sanctions against Russia will not be lifted until the issue is resolved the annexation of the Crimea”, concluded Volker.

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