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Walker called the positive aspects of the Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine

Волкер назвал позитивные моменты российской агрессии на востоке УкраиныAccording to American policy, the war in the East much has United the citizens of Ukraine.

In the opinion of the special representative of the United States, the plans of Russia to keep Ukraine in its sphere of influence failed.

Walker believes that no one wants the appearance in Ukraine frozen conflict.

The special representative of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker believes that Russia’s intervention in Ukraine led to the unification of the Ukrainian society.

In his opinion, the introduction of troops, Russia was hoping to be able to keep Ukraine in its orbit as part of the Russian sphere of influence and identity. “But in reality, their invasion and occupation has created more nationalistic, more United and more Pro-Western Ukraine. It’s actually not very good for Russian interests. In fact, it is, perhaps, prevented them,” said Walker.

He considers it possible that Russia will worsen the situation and that “it could turn into another frozen conflict”. “I don’t think anyone wants it. In my opinion, we should work hard to prevent that and to resolve this conflict that Ukraine has returned to its territory and to guarantee the safety of all citizens of Ukraine “, – said Walker.

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